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  1. My son teaches snare line for C2, and they were on fire in the lot....let’s see if they can bring it now.
  2. Basically multi cam with the announcers between shows. Video clarity is fine and sound too.
  3. Gotta say that the Box5 feed tonight is excellent....viewing Directors Cut option.
  4. Lots of creativity in arrangements and design. The top 3 are apples and kumquats....all good with some weak points. Overall, very enjoyable.
  5. That was some primo old school drum corp at its best.
  6. Great to see a tight block with good phasing.
  7. Imagine Cadets coming out tomorrow night in the traditional uni....imagine the crowd response.
  8. Gotta say that I am really enjoying the live feed today on my new and audio are solid, and the shows are excellent!
  9. OC battery is beast!
  10. Way too much bass goo for RRR.
  11. Shadow was really cool and hip!
  12. brichtimp

    New High Score Record?

    2014 BD was absolutely seamless, apart from a couple of rifle drops; and their transitions and soloists were simply deluxe. That show was also a master class on effective staging.
  13. brichtimp

    Cadets 2018

    Even watching Cadets on Flo last night (and the feed quality for sound and video were both very good), it was clear that the Cadets came out to kick butt and take names. The drills were crisp and getting cleaner, the quality of brass sound seemed noticeably less gassed by the end, the battery gave Prosperie lots of good reads and overall, that was a run that was intense and impressive. All of this can help bring back the Cadets as a top destination corps. I'm looking forward to seeing how much refinement they can add for Indy...just wish they could do something about the uni...especially the pants.
  14. Digging School For Scandal.
  15. Flo will stream it, per their schedule this morning.
  16. I understand that C2 will be performing around 6pm tonight, which is very cool for those kids and the DCI fans who have not seen their show yet.
  17. Same as the Apple TV issue they had to fix previously
  18. It seems to be ok on AppleTV now....crossing fingers.
  19. Yes, but just now on ATV, the Hi Cam option is giving good videobut multi cam is crap.
  20. brichtimp

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    Multicam is ok so far.
  21. brichtimp

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    I am viewing via Apple TV with HDMI to a 43” Sony 4k Bravia. Picture and sound are passable, but it could be a lot better!
  22. brichtimp

    Cadets 2018

    As a parent of one of the 2014 members, watching the Finals performances in Indy, the result felt like a punch to the gut, related to those design changes.