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  1. First, it's been 38 years. But I appreciate the belief on your part that my youthful appearance belies, to a huge degree, my actual Neanderthalistic state of being. Second, since I have never been involved in Drum and Bugle Corps other than for a couple of years in a street marching organization (the Dunkirk NY Patriots, who WERE a field unit back in the 1970's, I believe), I hardly think it's my place to comment upon staffing of contemporary FIELD D&BC. ESPECIALLY at the highest levels as it now exists. But I thank you for your trust in my viewpoint. I am greatly appreciative of your
  2. Please -- I meant no commentary against another. I was merely exhibiting support of N.E. Brigand's post. Anything else interpreted is in the mind of the viewer.
  3. Being a Trooper fan, I most heartily approve. I might further suggest merging this with the music from the film "Cheyenne Autumn."
  4. Speaking only for myself, I admire your reticence, self-control, and desire for proven fact to come far before mere personal opinion. Most genuinely extended.
  5. As cynical as I find myself to be at this time...I do truly hope that your words somehow find a way to come to fruition. This is a tremendous activity. One which, unfortunately, I never had the chance to experience in the applicable days of my youth. If they can somehow find that "wonderful second act," and do so within the parameters of proper guidance, care, and educational/personal values, then it WILL be to the benefit of 125-150 more of our youth. That is all for which any of us can hope.
  6. Ahhh...the perfect scenario for "The Wizard of Oz" to be their comeback show.
  7. I would think something like "Actions detrimental to the overall Organization" might be a reasonable place to start. Think Pete Rose... If his (RB) various quotes are established as being said, then I would consider them actions.
  8. I'm sorry, Brasso. Not up to the laughter and simplistic conviviality (on MY part) that has been of the "usual" for the previously-known HornTeacher. I am now of the pessimistic and cynical portion of society. I guess I'm just not up to it anymore. And 'tis such a pity. But all that in mind... Your comment did make me laugh. I sincerely thank you for that. Cheers, Good Sir. To quote Professor Morrie Schwartz..."You're one of the good ones."
  9. If he's on land under Giants Stadium...does he go against the salary cap of the Giants...or the Jets?
  10. Thank God it didn't involve "Broken-down" Busses... And to exhibit my own level of ornery, he should be forced to bear his Auschwitz comment on his DCI Hall-of-Fame inscription...
  11. Your words mean much to me, Ghost...as of which I find great assurance, along with the greatest of appreciation and fellow respect by now. But remember, please...mine are only one man's opinion. However...I thank you. With equal sincerity and respect given and intended, Good Sir.
  12. SWriverstone -- This was your introductory statement in your initial posting. If you will allow, I wish to bring forth an opinion. I feel that I must disagree with this, based upon the final 5 words of the statement -- "...you'll start thinking it's good." As you initially postulated, "It means people develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them." Fair enough...I have no problem with this -- in fact, I would tend to agree. Simple enough. However, there still remains a large difference between liking something due to familiarity, and thereby also thinking
  13. In my "uninformed" and "unasked for" opinion...BOOM!! Well stated, and supported without the "ivory tower" limitations generally found in such discussions. In the end, many who follow the activity simply base their final judgements of any individual corps' presentation on the basis of "I like it' or "It's not for me." And there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing whatsoever. To me, it is there to be enjoyed and experienced as a product of what is in the mind of the creator of the work. Otherwise, we might as all all assemble at the Louvre and argue over the Mona Lisa. Well done, Terri.
  14. And therein, at least to me, lies a VERY key element. I fully agree. And applicable to far more areas than just Drum Corps. Sad...so very sad.
  15. I like what I like, because I like it. Not because everyone else does...but because I do. Sometimes, it's as simple as that...
  16. It appears a leisurely lunch in Lee, Mass. is in order...
  17. Hope it makes the Monday morning quarterbacking more comfortable...
  18. And if you're uncomfortable in saying it...then don't say it in the first place. Seems simple to me...although I guess I'm a simpleton (shrug)….
  19. Anyone expecting or hoping for Miami Dolphins to be the saviors will be hugely disappointed.
  20. Even the Emperor needed a private place in which he could change into his "new clothes"...