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  1. Being a relative newcomer to DCP (though not to music...I've been a student and teacher of music for 46 of my 54 years), I hope this isn't a rehashing of any earlier topic. Being that as it may... I am interested in knowing how each of you who post became involved with Drum and Bugle Corps. For any who answer, please indicate (if you kindly will) any performance-based involvement you have had in the past. Corps and instrument included, I hope. For those of you who have never marched DC, please give your reason for coming to love this wonderful activity. I'm sorry if this doesn't seem per
  2. For all those who appear to be less-than-impressed with the direction DCI has taken over ____ period of time (feel free to fill in the blank with your best-loved and well-informed choice)... Developmentally Challenged Institution
  3. I just hope that somehow, their staff can be retained for a decent length of time. Yes, a 12-horse team can pull a wagon to water...but somebody has to show the TEAM the right way to go.
  4. I'd like to echo Chris Cartwright's sentiments, and extend my appreciation to all who have (so far, I hope) contributed to this thread. Having seen my first show in August '74 as a high school marching band member, I was instantly blown away by the "Corps World." Reading all of this has provided me some much-needed perspective of an activity that has provided me with so much enjoyment ever since that first show (Syracuse, NY...an exhibition the night following DCI's finals at Ithaca). I think this is the most enjoyable thread I have yet read on DCP. Please accept my gratitude.
  5. That was my point in my original posting, Mike. And being new to this site, I was trying to be somewhat sarcastic without coming right out and being sarcastic. However, I do believe that we can become too number crazy (if we haven't arrived there already).
  6. Now THAT'S proper bearing (or baring, I guess...).
  7. This is really fascinating. And this isn't just for fun, it's for keeps; the student's future depends on an impossible accuracy. If we've seen anything on this thread (and others like it) it's that it's hard to compare even units performing consecutively for the same judge, let alone different judges months and miles apart. It does seem like there should be a performing arts adjudication association with representatives from all these disparate fields that can work together on these issues. Is there any such organization? Thank you, Pete, for taking my diatribe seriously. As a newby, i
  8. Whoever ultimately is correct with their assumption, please let me know. I'll keep you in serious consideration when filling out my next Lottery card (of which I do with about once-every-15-year regularity). Sorry...please accept this with the healthy dose of friendly sarcasm and whimsy in which it was intended.
  9. Seven dwarfs and a casket??? Are you telling me that Snow White didn't live after all??? <<< (sobbing incoherently....) Our youth will NEVER be the same if THIS result becomes known.... :>)
  10. Being a relative newby to DCP (although not to competition, whether as a combined 36-year participant and director of participating groups in music competitions), I would ask that some semblance of understanding be kindly granted. Please. While extending a current scoring system from ascertaining (between 2 or more groups) tenths of points between groups to hundredths might seem to, on the surface, alleviate the ever-present "tie," how long will it be before we are seeking "thousandth of a point" differentiation? I won't go into where we go from there, once one caption has a final result o
  11. Never thought to check corpreps. The other appearing corps were Scouts, Muchachos, SCV, and Kingsmen.
  12. Card-carrying member of the Dinosaur brigade... First show I ever saw live was in Syracuse, NY in August, 1974. This was an exhibition, on the night following '74 finals in Ithaca. Our band director took the whole marching band as a field trip in thanks for our summer involvement. Funny thing is...right before the first group went on, he walked around to all of us and said "Pay attention to this first corps, for you're going to get a BIG surprise!" We had marched that summer to his arrangement of "Ghost Riders," and thought we were pretty darned good (for a small rural school band, anyway
  13. I hope to God that you're not related in any way to George Orwell.
  14. As a public school band director, I can only say this... I'll be showing these pictures -- yes, all of them -- to my kids when we get back in September. And the message will be... "THIS is how you treat competition...THIS is how you treat your "competitors"...on the field (or stage) is one thing...but once you are done, and they are done...you are all one unit. Kids who will knock themselves out to do their very best...and knowing all the while that others are doing the same. Honor, class, and pride. Show it...and you shall receive the same in return." But I guess I'm just a dinosaur..
  15. Carmina Burana??? I would like to think that most on here would have better taste than that. Don't get me wrong --- it's always been a favorite of mine. But as I once read from one reviewer regarding the piece..."If a gland could write music, that's what it would write."
  16. To my ears, it should be referred to as "The Great Pretender."
  17. The Janacek is a a GREAT idea!! It's always been one of my favorites, and I've always had a hankering to hear it on the field. One question: has anyone ever programmed the final movement from Bruckner's 8th symphony? Another that would provide the listener shivers if heard from a top-notch brass line.
  18. If what you say is indeed true, then I fully and whole-heartedly agree.