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  1. If any of us is willing to reach back into our memories, and recall incidences under which we suffered while active in most any activity, we would be able to fill an entire thread with those alone (a fact of which I am far from advocating). As for myself in my "lucid" days of the 1970's... If you got your "bell rung" in the middle of football practice, you were simply expected to suck it up, stagger back to the huddle, and "be a man." The same applied to virtually any injury suffered. If you were able to walk and breath (and it was not always guaranteed that such had to take place concurrently), you weren't hurt. Case closed. Water breaks (such that when they even happened in the first place) were determined not through either science or need, but either at the pure discretion of the coach, or how much "hustle" we (in his eyes and opinion) we displayed. And in most cases, it was more a matter of the latter than the former (which precluded him from any possible responsibility). And as for water breaks during any segment of any marching band activity? What water breaks....???????? Thank God that these practices have, by and large, been rectified through science. Not to mention civilized thought.
  2. With the current care and attention being given (rightfully) to propriety, I wouldn't be surprised if "Ain't Misbehavin'" is being considered by a lot of groups... And no, I'm not in search of cheap laughs...
  3. I spent a good part of the late afternoon and evening doing exactly that. All I can say is (again): Wow. Just...wow.
  4. 16 months away from the Planet, and this is the first thread to which I see upon return. Wow. Just...wow.
  5. Looks like somebody invited the Mad Hatter to the Tea Party.
  6. This actually made me sit back in my chair and LMFAO.
  7. Corps: Any World Class Corps Prop: Their entire brass line with 2-valve bugles, all pitched in the key of G. Oh...and Marching Tympani.
  8. Bungee might not be possible, since I doubt LOS would lend the use of their girders. However... The World's Largest Rubber Band?? (And before somebody jumps to a new Corps called "The Royal Trojans," that's not what I'm talking about...)
  9. 2017 Madison Scouts Finale of the Superstar Trilogy...."Mary" Flash of intense light and an empty Shroud. Outrageousness Quotient: Self-Explanatory
  10. And here I thought the earth was flat...and that it lay at the exact center of the universe, with all other heavenly bodies revolving around it. Silly me.....
  11. Sorry. Clay Aiken has long passed the age-out limit. Nice try, though. What do we have as parting gifts for our contestant, Johnny?
  12. In other words...Much Ado About Nothing.
  13. Thank you, barigirl. You beat me to the punch on this. I was about to ask the OP the same question, only in a slightly different form. Bsader, by bringing up the question, one might be led to believe that you feel the statement "every art form eventually ends up in a realm of absurdity" is not only a truism, but may very well have already happened with certain art forms. Is this true? And can you name for us one art form which, in your estimation, has entered this "realm of the absurd?" And if you can, I would be most interested in hearing your justification and supportive evidence. As someone who has made his career in the Arts, I cannot but hold the philosophy that to enter such a realm, in any artistic medium of expression, would simply be admitting that we, as human beings, have reached a zenith of expression in that form, and that any further attempts to progress and advance would become superfluous. I, personally, do not wish to place the human species under that constraint. In fact, I believe that the closer we get to reaching what we consider (oh, how incredibly vain of us!!) to be a possible "zenith," the more we will actually learn in both our technical and expressive capabilities, and therefore find available for even greater expression. If there are to be limits, it is only because we choose to place such on ourselves. Just as an explorer can only go one land, one mountain, one country, and ultimately, one planet at a time, the same holds true for the artist. And with each level of learning, more becomes apparent and open to us as a result. Scientists have determined that the very Universe is still continually expanding, with the realization that we cannot, and most likely will not, ever determine the final boundary. Why should Arts not be the same??
  14. I died last night...yet there was no obituary in this morning's paper. Oh, the humanity....
  15. Somebody will do a Drum Corps remake of "Nicholas and Alexandra." Unfortunately, a certain co-star to the story won't be a part of it, for another Corps will do, as their show, "Rasputin On Ice." (Age-out is a real b****.)
  16. As our buddy Harry said..."A man's gotta know his limitations."
  17. Oh fellow traveller... 2 days?? Count yourself as most fortunate.
  18. You don't want violence. The attendant ended up with a bloody nose...yet you are calling for a total DISARMING???? Geeeezzzz....tough crowd. ... ...
  19. Waiting for the bodies to at least fully chill...and the rigor mortis to subside.
  20. I'm glad that I'm not alone in that being my first reaction to the post. I just didn't know if it would be a welcomed addition...or a lack of tact. Whichever...I laughed like h***.
  21. Nahhh...not into that sort of thing. Just knowing that you know is plenty satisfying to me, Sir.
  22. Had to watch the film again, since I had a further thought. It appears that the attendant has a walkie-talkie attached to his left hip. If he was experiencing that much difficulty, it would have been not only easy, but prudent, for him to call for backup. But he didn't. He took matters into his OWN hands. And therein lies the proof of eventual intent...
  23. I thought I had, by now, established myself to be a member of your club. You disappoint me, 2much.