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  1. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind when I'm able to finally get out there to see my beloved Twins someday.
  2. What is this....Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drum Corps???
  3. Oh, if only the answer for Troopers was that easy....
  4. I like your "hybrid" categorization. To me, something is always a little bit more interesting when there remains room for one's imagination to roam free. Providing an essence is great for this. It sets a general tone, yet allows the listener to lose himself in the pure sights and sounds. To a degree, it almost makes one feel that he is a part of what he is seeing -- rather than simply existing as an entity to which a lecture or sermon is delivered. Earlier in the thread, MikeN opined "Sorry, my point really is that the easiest way to a man's heart is through his emotions, and the easiest
  5. Cadets drill to "Rocky Point Holiday" (1983) was the first of the new style that really blew me away...and still does.
  6. I understand your point. However, given the opinions expressed previously on this thread, there does not appear to be a feeling that anything over 12 automatically leads to a decrease in quality among the lower finalists. The hand-wringing over the prospects of the corps in positions 13-15 would lead one to believe that these are still finalist-level corps -- but they are only deemed "non-finalists" due to the 12-corps ceiling.
  7. I am solidly for keeping it the way it is...and always has been. "Tradition" goes both ways on this; some have argued that with 22 corps in World Class, 12 (more than half) is too many, and advocate decreasing it to 10. The counter-argument to this is usually "but it's always been done this way." For those advocating raising it to 15, that same "tradition" argument must equally hold true.
  8. It'll be late in the season, but the Aug. 8 show at Erie, PA should be a knock-down drag-out affair for a number of corps. BAC, Crossmen, Troopers, Blue Stars, Oregon Crusaders, Mandarins, Jersey Surf & Pacific Crest. The night before in Rome, NY its SCV, Madison, Blue Stars, Cascades, Colts, SOA, Academy, and Troopers. Two big nights, especially in that 8-14 area.
  9. Good points. Some of that may come from the fact that they have less to lose -- and a whole lot more to gain -- from a competition standpoint, as compared to those in the top 3-5.
  10. All realities of the insignificance of comparing different venue shows aside... 4.1 difference between 8th and 14th certainly bodes well for the fan wishing for an exciting last month.
  11. No disclaimer necessary, Dad. If it works for you, go with it. As with most stories, there can be more than one interpretation.
  12. Next week it will be a joint lunch soiree with the Bluecoats and that group from Casper. Highlights of the menu will be "Trooper Scoopers" and "Bedeviled Eggs" for appetizers, heroes for the sandwich, and Pineapple Downside-up Cake for dessert..
  13. Thought of that already. But there's always darker.
  14. Very simply concurred. I've never been so happy to be rendered temporarily deaf. (By the way...where did you sit? I was row 5 of section 5...almost dead center.)
  15. Ha! Now there's an idea for Troop's 2017 show (if it hasn't already been done). From "Hero"....to "Illicit."
  16. If you didn't attend last year, you have absolutely NO idea just how prescient you are in your expectations. Trust me.
  17. Why, thank you, Sir. I'm sure that I will. It won't be the same without being with you for the day...I guess I got pretty darned spoiled on my first endeavor. Suffice it to say, I'll be missing my old (relatively speaking, of course) audience section partner. And no...no need for the assistance. I think I'll get there pretty well on my own. Let's see --- Mass. Turnpike east, Exit 10 toward Worcester, and I-290 North...right??? (Ha! Now you'll be worrying about me all day long, won't you? "Ask a silly question" and all that jazz.... . Yes, I'll be fine.). Hope you and yours are we
  18. BFDTV posted a few videos on youtube from last year's show. EDIT: Just checked, and saw that they were posted on Youtube within a couple of days following the concert -- if that is soon enough for you. Not like being there, I know...but better than nothing, I guess.
  19. I KNOW there's a marketplace site...but thought here would be more applicable to the event. Looking forward to tomorrow night. Won't be the same without Ghost along. But oh, well... In case anyone is reading at the last minute, I again have an extra ticket available. Speak now if interested...or forever hold whatever it is you wish to hold. And please do so outside of my presence.
  20. Too many?? Too few?? Personally, I'll be most blown away when I see a line of rifles toss the marchers who are holding them.
  21. Nahhhhh...just go ahead and shoot me before you even stick me up there. . And yes, I DO know that it's folly to compare two shows 1300 miles apart. Still...the scores are in the same neighborhood. That's all I"m saying.