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  1. Blue Stars brass gives me goosebumps on my goosebumps. Ward Miller and his staff have done good things there. Oh yeah, the members have done their part too. FCO Blue Stars!
  2. soa was great. I'm up against the wall in the back and the sound is amazing. i feared it would be muddy but it's not. they've all sounded better then they did in Allentown.
  3. He also made a show to the kids of tearing up a resignation letter he had if he felt he hadn't done his job well, specifically creating a top 10 brass section. He's coming back. If he doesn't, I'm pretty sure my son will follow him. He's an impressive presence for the Blue Stars.
  4. Gary was a great, great guy. Very welcoming, made you feel like you belonged there. He will be missed.
  5. They were buzzing like bees last. I'm glad I wasn't the only one annoyed by them.
  6. I'm not a percussion guy but I was at the April camp sitting on the stage in front of the pit waiting for the brass to show up and man, that pit blew me away. They really are fantastic - made a percussion fan out of me. I'm still partial to brass but I really love the way the pit integrates with what the brass is doing during the show. It's great.
  7. I swear I don't care about scores - I'm just happy that Blue Stars have such a great show. But I'm happy for my son. Crowd appreciation is great and he loves that but scores really butter their toast (so to speak). FCO Stars. Keep at it! And Academy, wow - I'm really cheering for those guys in Indy. I love that show.
  8. yeah, they're on Yamaha now and they're very happy they switched.
  9. I re-watched Academy during intermission. what a great show - tough on the tear ducts at the end though. "Le Reve" is still my #1 but Academy is #2. maybe bloo, I don't know. I even like the devil's how this year.
  10. will they be great tonight? I hope so! Go Blue Stars!
  11. you guys are funny. And the Raiders are a great group of people - in spite of that self-centered Chris Holland (jk Chris - you are awesome). I really like the show music this year.
  12. I was talking about NFL games since people are using the rules for those as justification for why the same policy is OK at a friggin' DCI show. Our obsession over fear of "bad people" is pathetic - especially considering that statistically, we're safer than we've ever been. Inconveniencing thousands of people because maybe, just maybe someone may have something in a bag that could harm someone else is dumb. I'm reasonably certain that booze was for sale at finals last year. I didn't get any so I can't be sure but I seem to remember it being on the menu.
  13. This doesn't directly affect me because I'm a dude and all I bring in is my fat butt and my wallet but I think it's dumb. I don't want to live in a police state - clear bags and pat-downs to see a drum corps show (or a football game)? Dumb. You want to make those events safer? Stop selling booze.