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  1. I don't have time to post every video clip. The reality is I proved my point. Watch the video clip over and over and over again until you get it. Grab your girlfriend, wife, both, your dog, mother, granny, UPS Driver and say "hey, watch this clip. In your opinion, do you see people standing and cheering loudly with enthusiasm". When he looks at you like you're one dumb blind mothermucker, and says, "uh, no...sign here"...then maybe you'll get it? Probably not.
  2. Do I really need to explain it to you? I'm not. It doesn't qualify. It's obvious why. Think about it. Get some coffee and work it like a puzzle. Let us know what you come up with. "Sorry Charlie"..
  3. It's okay. It's understanding that makes people like me tolerant of people like yourself. Name the movie (tah, tah, tah - no googling cheater).
  4. What's the point of going to a show? If the food sucks (wait, it was really hard too cook), why would you show up to a show? Pay money for what - marching band? Acid tripping drill designers using kids to ego trip themselves? When all DCI is a big eff-you to itself and me? Nah. I'll leave it to you crazies. However, I will be going to Allentown this year to "roll tape" and show you exactly what's happening - however, you've already proven that you'll deny video and audio. At least there's funnel cakes there.
  5. It was shown. The same response. Crowd sitting, spattered courtesy applause.
  6. Ugh - I'm in the sound business for a living. Sound travels - so there is no vantage point bone head. Also, people aren't standing up for anything. It's a cricket fest. Actually, they're not even making any noise. Trying to figure it out like the rest of the audience.
  7. That's what you call a rousing applause? Really? BTW, notice they were standing still - just like the good 'ole days. Again, thanks for the support. I'm not half as emotional about this anymore because I thought you were more intelligent - you know basic human intelligence - but you've proved otherwise. Yeah, show me some more of the crowd going ape like the Spirit clip.
  8. Man, you all are ignorant. Thanks for illustrating my point. They're singing that because of the past being brought into the present - which is the friggin' point bonehead!!! No past - no 12:33.
  9. Anybody have a list of the 2013-2014 corps tuition fees (membership dues, or what ever you call it) for open and world class corps? Thanks.
  10. And that's relevant, how? Someone else's cell phone shows people going nuts, clapping, screaming, standing up? It's an angle thing dip wad? Take a look at the two finals videos since irrelevant is relevant to you - different decade, different equipment, different user. Sure your name shouldn't be caddy instead of chaddy? Keep ignoring the content and the point and reality as if that makes it go away.
  11. DCI Finals. Exhibit B. Study it. 3:15 for the lazy. I rest my case.
  12. DCI Finals. Exhibit A. Study it. Courtesy, disinterest, "whatever" written all over their faces.
  13. And the crowd goes wild. Yeah, not really.
  14. How about that hometown favorite courtesy applause
  15. Here is a clip found on a quick youtube search of Blue Devils. Thankfully, there is a "hit". Now, keep in mind - this is someone's cell phone video recording. Like your cell phone it picks up everything. Do you HEAR OR SEE ANYTHING dribbling into the phone. That would be a no. You just see the staff leaning against the fence. Mind you, there are well over 1,000 people watching this. I hear ants farting I think. There's your quick video of reality.
  16. I learned (through experience) when you bring everyone bagels and donuts, you're loved. Let's see how you respond (this will be interesting).
  17. I like how you rightfully called it a band. DCI comes across like the guy dating a girl and waiting for the perfect time to say the L word (love not lesbian). It's like, just get to it already. DCI? Seriously. What are you waiting for? Just have a meeting and tear up the rule bible and say "come on woodwinds, animal sacrifices, porn" and have total freedom of expression. What are we waiting for?
  18. Yeah, we all know it's creative editing to show people NOT clapping. Yeah, that's the shot they'll show. I'm not seeing what I want to see. I showed up blank slate. Look, I paid over a grand to get there. I showed up looking to receive "default". I didn't get default. I got the blue screen of death (the twirling circle for all you Mac users). Facebook isn't reality? WTF? You are automatically disqualified. I'm pretty sure Facebook is reality. The millions of people and billions of dollars and the occassional murder, affairs, etc; pretty much says reality. Ask those people if Facebo
  19. That's compelling. Not to you - you just trolled. Also, calling someone a troll doesn't make them a troll. So you might want to put some virtual super glue on it and hope it's not the generic crap you didn't want to shell out the additional .50 for. I see you have a picture of Crown. Will it be Devils next year if they win. Why not some 100th place corps? Have to align yourself with a winner only, eh? Do you have any thoughts about the selfie post? Want to contribute something or just blow it up? Did you burn ants with a magnifying glass yesterday? Rub some brain cells together.
  20. You didn't look for it and I really don't think you analyzed it. You weren't there paying attention to a future post on DCP. Be real. I showed up at Allentown with a blank slate.
  21. BTW, I posted this on another site and pretty much getting near 100% support of the idea. So, YOUR REALITY is perhaps not reality at all, but your closed little group reality - but like DCI - this closed lil group reality is NOT reflective of the public (defined as general audience). And the site the idea is on (Facebook) is where all the love is. I mean, let's look at Facebook. Why is it a hit with the adults and not so much the kids? Memories you bone heads. The kids have no memories of value because they are growing into their memories. They're all about the here and now (twitter, ins
  22. You know what's funny - you all exemplify "if you don't agree with me, attack it". The difference between my attacking and you attacking is I explain myself and the opinions I have are based upon legitimate symptoms of what I see, hear and observe. If any of you losers who don't do anything more than attack me for (add your reason, but I know it's self hate looking for company) and not the content of where the opinion is formed - than your opinion is not worth the time to consider.