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  1. Scores? Also can the Jim guy on periscope scope the scouts he seems to not include them in his scopes for some reason.
  2. How did they benefit just out of curiosity?
  3. Regardless of how one feels of this show the scouts have figuratively ripped the band aid off. The sky is no longer the limit they can perform whatever they want and wear whatever they want in the future. The only tradition that remains is brotherhood and bad assery ⬅️ Not a real word. ⚜️⚜️⚜️〽️〽️
  4. Wow lame review. I disagree. also I'm pretty sure you brought up the same appropriating view on a more exclusive page and that idea was shut down there too. Your trying awfully hard to push that narrative.
  5. Scouts pit marched timbales for a few bars in 95. Also they marched the conga in 94 for a few bars as well. And then there was the yellow floor toms that were used in 93.
  6. Fun correlation the last time the scouts marched jcss 99 a new Star Wars saga came out. Again the scouts will march jcss and again Star Wars is coming out with there new saga. Maybe this means the scouts should March Star Wars theme in 2017.
  7. Funny
  8. Pretty sure it was the scouts having the loudest.
  9. I don't necessarily agree with the assumption that if it's as good as 2015 they will drop in placement. One that would assume all the other corps would have far superior shows and that they would rise or stay in placement. I think there are far To many factors than to just say if they are as good or slightly better they will fall. I think we can all agree though a new base has been set and nothing Less than that is acceptable. Here's to another off season with hopes of a stellar design in the works. One thing I would welcome is if anyone has the directors ear is to request more media and social network type stuff. It would be great if the scouts could do something along the lines as Blue devils app and there BD360 media maybe the scouts honor guys could produce it!
  10. The spot for all your future Scouts info. MYNWA!
  11. I'm typing on little letters with sausage fingers what do you expect.
  12. Did BD March 149 all summer till finals week or did they cut someone at the end to bring in 10 yo or did blue devils March 151 on finals week? Hmm
  13. I'm only kidding! but seriously what do you think?
  14. The sound on YouTube tunnel is good but not sure it hasn't fully cought on yet that fans at The shows are literally streaming every show in it's entirety on periscope! I suggest others download the android and apple app asap.
  15. Scouts crushed it tonight! Thanks periscope
  16. scouts overtake cavies can they hold them Off and take over phantom aswell? We shall see tomorrow.
  17. ⬆️⬆️⬆️ Right what is the truth