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  1. I've listened to Beatles music through the years. I've never seen stage or cinema version of Sweeny Todd.
  2. Interesting. My feed did exactly opposite. High cam ok, multi cam stuttery.
  3. Can I suggest keeping the "internet ready" and TV functions on separate devices? With "smart" TVs, you are relying on the TV manufacturer to keep your "smartness" up to date. Two TV generations down the road, and they decide to drop support for their old stuff, and you are stuck with a dumb TV. I'd rather pay for a dumb tv (cheaper), and then use a dedicated internet streaming piece of hardware which will either have more frequently updated firmware, or be easier (and cheaper) to replace in the future.
  4. Finally got a good camera angle on the multiple arm thing in the George Harrison song.
  5. Ok, Jeff ream, it's not just you. I was just shifted to high cam from multi (although, oddly, I still had the multi cam sound, which is how I ultimately noticed). For the bean counters and data pointers, I'm on fire TV cube using the Flo sports app, through wifi.
  6. I get a sense that Brandt Crocker doesn't care for single syllable corps names. He could so "welcome to the field, Gooooooooooollllllllrrr4rrrrrdghhcfghhddddd!" But instead chooses "Gold."
  7. I want to see somebody do a show called "Mello sustain." They can have whatever other music in the production, but there's mellophones holding a note through it all. Sort of like scv's moto perpetuo, but with sound.
  8. Ok. I think the Bluecoats are finally peaking, at least in GE.
  9. This is 3+ years old, but still fascinating to watch and gives one a true appreciation of the talents of Tom and his crew.
  10. So, more like: 9.59.4Goo+ *Goo+=Your thunderous goo was just too much through the whole show
  11. Wouldn't it be cool if Competition Suite had strikethrough and red font color options? Then, you could visibly SEE what the judge would have given the corps had the electronics been perfect, but also what score she/he/they actually gave them. Maybe a little subscript code for reason. 9.59.4SM *SM=Soloist Mic mishap
  12. Look for bags that are "NFL approved." More and more large venues are going to this policy (the 'Benz in ATL already does).
  13. OMG! Tomorrow (well, actually today now, London Time) is the 50th anniversary of the photo shoot for the Abbey Road cover.
  14. So, is this like an Alabama vs Auburn thing? Do I HAVE to pick one side or the other? Yes A&E or no A&E? Because (and I mentioned this in another thread) if there happened to be a "throwback" or "classic" division in some drum corps circuit somewhere (be it DCI, DCA, or something completely new), where there was no A&E, and the only "props" allowed were flags, rifles, and sabers, and the quality was good enough for me, I would totally support it by attending shows or buying media or streaming access or whatever. But whether or not that happens, I will continue to also enjoy an
  15. Came in to work today, and "Come Together" was on the radio (and not the Aerosmith version). Wish I didn't have to work through prelims tomorrow. Luckily, I'm off and Flo-ready for Friday and Saturday.
  16. Some corps have a fundraising apparatus advantage. Some corps have a sponsorship advantage, Some corps have an alumni support advantage. Some corps have a weather during spring training advantage. Some corps have a recruiting advantage. Some corps have a top level staff advantage. You make due (within the rules) with the advantages you have to try to make yourself better. And find ways to mitigate (or turn around) your disadvantages.