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  1. Thank you. I'll try to track that MR episode down.
  2. To our enigmatic friend from Cookeville, to which Chandler are you referring? IN 2005, Scott Chandler was the Blue Devil's Program Coordinator and Color Guard Designer. If it is this Chandler, what do you mean by stating "Chandler helped with that show as well"? How would you know? Were you on BD's Guard staff or on the Regiment's staff in 2005? And what exactly was this "help"? Thank you.
  3. kdaddy. I think the existing admin page is instructive in terms of a plan of succession at this level of the organization. Michael
  4. Re the Regiment, I noticed this morning that the Staff pages @ regiment.org were taken down. Perhaps we are closer to an announcement on the 2020 staff. I will be particularly interested in who is selected as Program Coordinator, who is chosen as Visual Coordinator and who comprises the Visual team.
  5. Rocketman, Thanks for your ongoing contributions to our discussions re the Regiment. Within the context of financial support for our corps, one of your suggestions has been to move from Rockford. I have also thought about a change of address but in terms of settling in a city/area which might be closer to our prospective MMs. I may be wrong but I believe the majority of our MMs come from Texas or the southeast, primarily Georgia. Does this make any sense to you? If you had to choose from among Denton, TX, Athens, GA, Rome, GA, Bloomington, IN, Louisville, KY, Oklahoma
  6. Interestingly, Alex Haddad (who started our corps after resigning as the Director of the St. Thomas Crusaders DBC - the "band" of the all-male high school in Rockford operated by the Augustinian order with an all-female guard drawn from the all-girl school nearby, Bishop Muldoon) originally chose Rockford Rangers as the corps' name. The Rangers was a reference to Rockford's image as the Forest City because of the proliferation of elm trees throughout the city. The all-female guard (which included Mr. Haddad's 2 daughters) was to be known as the Rangerettes. Some members of the new co
  7. In 1963, the Regiment was an all-male corps, including the CG. In 1964, the Regiment converted to its original standard of a male and female corps with a return of the Phantomettes. As an aside, in one of our early years (between 1956 & 1960) a few MMs formed an all-male Color Guard and competed on the winter guard circuit; we called ourselves the Raiders; we lasted one year. These days, the Regiment's CG includes males and they are called Raiders.
  8. I would like the Regiment to do this show : A Classical Tribute to Marian Armato. In 1959, Ms Armato, a classically trained pianist, joined the Regiment as Brass Arranger. Among her arrangements that year were Chopin's Polonais and Un Bel Di. The seeds of a classical music emphasis were planted and, when Jim Wren became the Regiment's brass arranger in 1968, he nourished and grew that tradition. Ms Armato was always warm and friendly as well as a wonderfully patient person and teacher. My understanding is that, after getting married, she and he moved to Denver and at some point was
  9. Ghost, I was there in "65 when the Royal-Airs won the VFW title. It remains one of my favorite shows of all time. My recollection is that it was held indoors because the scheduled venue, Soldier's Field, was flooded. What I do not recall is where the semifinals were held. Do you? Michael
  10. x, Thank you for your commentaries throughout these forums on judging. Your comments above triggered these thoughts. What other captions or subcaptions besides Guard lend themselves to a strictly subjective evaluation of performance/content? Has the DCI judging community ever considered having separate judges for Content and Achievement sub-captions? For example, in the GE caption, have 1 of the 2 GE 1 judges assess only Content and the other only Achievement.
  11. Hello all! On Friday, I will be in Section 242, Row 10 and on Saturday in Section 141, Row 15. First time @ Indy so I am not real familiar with LOS but my understanding is that both sections are where the Regiment contingent will be. Too bad we will not have DCP placards with our code names on it. Have a great time and GO Regiment and Bloo. Michael
  12. WHOOPS1 SHOULD HAVE POSTED THIS IN "OIL CAN" FORUM. SORRY. On Friday, I will be in Section 242 Row 10 and on Saturday in Section 141 Row 15. This is my first visit to LOS so I'm not sure where these sections are but my understanding is that each will likely be filled with Regiment phans. So just yell out "Where's OPR1956?" Hope everyone has a great time and finds new friends. On Saturday, GO Regiment and Bloo. Michael
  13. When trying to assess a corps' success, I tend to focus on it's relative position in the major Captions. As of Aug 4, the top 4 ranked corps in GE are, respectfully, Blue, BD, SCV and CC. The top 4 in VIS are BD, Blue, CC and SCV. The top 4 in Mus are CC, Blue, SCV and BD. I went back to the championship results for the last 15 years, 2004-2018, to determine what the DCI medalist's placings in these 3 major Captions might suggest. Of the 15 DCI champions, 6 placed 1st in all 3 Captions ( "05 Cadets, "07 BD, "10 BD, "12 BD, "14 BD and "18 SCV. 6 placed 1st in 2 of the 3 Ca
  14. CC, when the Cavaliers were at the Mesa, AZ show on July 1, they were sharing a souvenir stand with the Vanguard. The vendor there told me that was the plan for the '19 tour.. Maybe there is a Vanguard souvenir stand in Buffalo and they have the Cavalier gear. I recommend the gray show title tee with the Cavalier symbol on the back.
  15. It's a lazy day here in Arizona and, in preparation for my first trip to a DCI Finals ( I witnessed the 1965 VFW triumph of the Chicago Royal-Aires in Chicago ) , I was reviewing the Allentown recaps produced by DCP and fromthepressbox.. The DCP recap recited a Total Score for the Mandarins of 87.875; DCP's 08-04 Overall Total Ranking for 2019 listed Mandarins Last (08-03) Most Recent Score as 87.125, a difference of 0.7. The ftpb recap recited a Sub Total Score of 87.625, a 0.500 Penalty and a Total Score of 87.125 . Anyone know if a penalty was assessed, for what reason(s)
  16. For those who rely on recaps from fromthepressbox for a recap of this show : the Music Total Recap is skewered because Blue Stars' score is entered as 29.9125 (with an ordinal of 1) rather than 25.9125 (with an ordinal of 9), resulting in incorrect Music Total ordinals for all the corps who finished from 2-9. I do because I can print their product. FYI, these ordinals from 2-9 should be 4,1,2,6,5,8,9,7 rather than 5,2,3,7,6,9,1 I noticed this this morning and, as a courtesy) have already sent fromthepressbox an email so they can fix whatever caused this error.
  17. I will be attending my first DCI finals this year. I have heard that there is a park near the stadium where corps warm up. Could someone identify this park for me and its location. Also, are these warmups also done on semifinal day? Lastly, is there a time frame when these warmups occur? Thanks. P.S. The only finals I have attended was in 1965 for the VFW, held in Chicago. Even though finals had to be held indoors at the McCormick Center, the title-winning program by the Chicago Royal Air was magnificent and memorable. Can't get their renditions of Alexander's Ragtime Band
  18. LabMaster, Well, I have to acknowledge that I got my tongue stuck too far up in my cheek with my remarks in the fourth paragraph. Sorry. It would have been worse if I had followed through with my other facetious suggestion of having the judging community identify the worst "anti-safe and open designers" and publicly shaming them at finals by announcing their names at finals...."In 5th place as the worst.... Seriously, I am interested in any thoughts related to the 2 questions I raised. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
  19. Does anyone have an insight into if and/or what corps MMs were advised to do in the past if a judge got in their way on the field? And does the current rule result in all sub-captions being judged from the sidelines/stands? It seems like the activity has become a slave to design. Why not allow e.g., percussion judges on the field to do their job up close and personal and adjust the visual caption to penalize designers who create design structures which 1) create unsafe field conditions for our MMs and 2) effectively restrict field judges from applying their expertise.
  20. PamahoNow, As an historical matter of fact, the 06-30 delta was 2.65. The 07-01 delta should be ignored. There were only 5 judges, not 8, the result of which was that instead of having the normal GE/Visual/Music structure of 40-30-30, a structure of 40-20-40 resulted. I believe the next opportunity for a head-to-head comparison will come in Lisle, IL at the Cavalier's home show. As for the Mesa show, I was there and I would give the edge to SCV >CAV. Re the Cav's encore, I was standing behind the Academy MMs who were lined up on the track a couple of feet from the Ca
  21. Well, PamahoNow, the last 2 contests suggest at least the start of a trend. Tonight, we will see if a trend is imminent...or not.
  22. First, I believe today is his first official day as Executive Director of the Cavaliers so congratulations to Monte Mast. We at the Regiment are proud of Monte, both as a former MM in 1984 and as a member of the Brass staff in 1996 when he assisted PR in achieving the Ott award. I remember the Cavaliers as my heroes and in my 13-year old mind as a skyscraper of a corps :: to our modest efforts in 1956 and as a corps at whose competitive level the Regiment should always seek to aspire. Anyway, I will be in Mesa tonight where the local forecast at step-off is a temp. of only 104 and wi
  23. I recommend that the Regiment do a show called "Cheap Chicago Styx and Tricks" And the ballad should be " The Flame" by the Rockford group.
  24. geluf, I agree with both of your comments. I was hoping someone would post that picture of Jim Carrey (sp?) saying something like " You mean we still have a chance?" I will be attending my first DCI final events this August and have tickets for both semi-finals and finals. I am very confident I will see the Regiment in semis and, if we don't make finals, I will still have the opportunity to see and appreciate 12 very good corps. My favorite Top 4 would be Blue, Vanguard, Crown and the Cavaliers.
  25. I am an original MM of the Regiment (1956-60). We did not know how difficult it would be to build a competitive drum corps but experience soon taught us the truth,, including a 3-year shut down from 1965 through 1967 after a fire destroyed much or our equipment and uniforms. The interest remained with our core members and we started off again in 1968 with around 26 MM. Four years later, the regiment made DCI Finals with a full complement of 126 MM and have done so since then. This year, it will be a challenge to do so again. But not an insurmountable one and I believe our 2019 MM will mee