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  1. Fred shared a post on facebook that said, "Black Lives Matter Is A Leftist Lie." It got deleted, and Crossmen has said nothing about it. Meanwhile, their website says, "Crossmen Productions stands in solidarity with the Black and African American community along with all of our friends and family of color. You matter. Your life matters. Your safety matters." Anybody care to reconcile that?
  2. So... nobody is going to talk about Fred Morrison's post?
  3. Everyone. (Ron and his whole staff) Ron is retiring for now...the rest are changing teams together.
  4. Can we agree that results would include winning at least 1 show in a year? 2017 was the first time since 1979 The Cadets did not win a single show. Not one. The Blue Stars won a show last year, and the Mandarins won two. The Cadets, none. It's a return to an era this corps should have forgotten permanently. Sad face
  5. I wonder who's his audience. He's always trying to convince someone. We can never tell if it's himself or someone else. Maybe sleep is rehearsal for death and the Internet is rehearsal for getting therapy.
  6. This HAS to go in our "best comments" thread! Somebody find an admin.
  7. 2 answers: 1. I should amend this to say critique ends the night before Atlanta for all World Class corps. Open Class corps have critique until they get to Michigan City. 2. Every year DCI sends out an email about how critique ends on [Date]. It includes lots of rules about not talking to judges, not texting or calling friend-judges, how to give feedback of someone talks to a judge illegally, etc.
  8. The last critique is the night before Atlanta. Atlanta to the end is no critique.
  9. You mean RainBeat? NotBeat? That event has around a 40% cancel rate historically. Sometimes for lightening, other times rain. Doesn't matter if it's the old Irmo event, Veterans Memorial, Rock Hill District Stadium, or WFU. That's an unreasonable weekend to be outside in the Carolinas. That said, it ran perfectly this year.
  10. Bump. If you skipped to the last post (as we all do) please read from the beginning. This thread is a must read for those wondering about the health of the activity. It's a bit of a read, but not that long of you skip the color commentary and stick to the figures.