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  1. I saw the Cavies shake Phantom's hands and I thought that was great but that doesn't make up for all the goofing off during retreat.
  2. What exactly do the corps gain? Is it worth more than what the fans lose. I mean ticket price have gone up and up since I have aged out. At least we could have a full retreat. I really don't think corps are gaining that much rehearsal time from no retreat. It is not like they all load up after they are done and then leave.... they have a drum major that is has to stay so the corps don't leave. They only time they save is loading and changing. When I marched we left an hour after retreat... are corps getting up an hour earlier and practicing because they are leaving an hour early, I highly doubt it.
  3. I was absolutely appalled by the performance of America last night. That was the most unclassy performance of that I have ever seen. I for one believe they need to back to having retreats at every show and maybe there would have been less wrong notes. I also think corps staff need to hold there corps to a higher standard. That is a song that is meant to honor our wonderful country and that performance was awful. I am all for hitting the high note at the end but do it with some taste and not for the whole song. Also the over all tone quality was just bad. I am sure it was not all the corps of performers but those who were should be ashamed!