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  1. We really we need to plug our store - Zot Mart ! Get your Impulse Gear Now at Zot Mart! (well almost all your gear) https://impulseyoutharts.org/zot-mart/
  2. Having marched tymp in 1976 for 1/2 season... Back problems to this day... YOGA Stretches help a lot...
  3. Challenge to all DCI Pacific Open Class to set up a table and show us your Peanut Butter Jelly Time! Friends, Fans, & Drum Corps Family... Impulse & Watchmen have stepped up to the PB&J Challenge to raise funding for their groups during the Covid-19 Pandemic . Help theses two Drum Corps International Open Class Pacific Division (DCI-P) Corps raise funds to jump start their 2021 season. So during the season hiatus, why not remember one of the favorite things at meal time on tour, by making a PB&J sandwi
  4. https://villagetours.net/sleeper-motorcoaches/ Sleeper coaches
  5. Being a Tour Manager, I'm looking at 3 different budget plan... No Tour, Local only & Small regional weekend tour... My biggest concerns is rehearsal sites & housing. I've done hotel housing before with SoCal Dream All AGE (DCA), but now I'm with Impulse (DCI Open Class). This is gonna be fun...
  6. Signed & Dated Auction ends on June 15th. Prints may be ordered for $50. All proceeds Watchmen 2021season kick-starter. Print & Paint Size: 16″ x 20 “ http://www.watchmenartsassociation.org/paint-with-nash/ #MarchOn #itsagreatdaytobeawatchmen
  7. Watchmen Announce 2019 Production – Gods of the Nile http://www.watchmenartsassociation.org/wachmen2019/
  8. For Release Time 11/23/18 2019 Caption Head Announcement! Riverside, CA— 11/23/18 — On the heels of the recent announcement of the new 2019 drill designer, Ryan H. Turner, Watchmen Drum and Bugle Corps is pleased to announce their 2019 Instructional Leadership Team. Returning from 2018, Marcel Barragan (Front Ensemble ), Maritza Yvette Ramirez (Color Guard) and Israel (Izzy) Martinez (Visual) will bring their considerable talents, experience and skill to their respective captions for 2019. New to Watchmen is Brandon Johnson who will serve as the new Percussion Caption Supervis
  9. For Release Time 11/19/18 Watchmen Welcomes New Drill Designer—Ryan H. Turner Riverside, CA— 11/18918 — The Watchmen Drum and Bugle Corps is proud to welcome their 2019 drill designer Ryan H. Turner to the design team. “We are extremely excited to have his talent and unmatched passion for the marching arts to share with our organization,” said David Becker, Executive Director for The Watchmen. New Direction, Huge Potential Turner is well known in the marching arts world, having been involved in any number of roles since marching his first parade a
  10. Just an FYI to Host a show can cost a corps up to $10,000 or more... The biggest issue is housing / rehearsal site with the school districts in California, that's whay alot of shows have dropped out.
  11. Take a vacation & Support Watchmen Drum & Bugle Corps Cruise Fundraiser . Makes a Great Mother's Day Gift It’s a Great Time for a Watchmen Cruise. Register Today!