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  1. JayM

    Achin' for Akron/Cinecast

    Okay. Not sure how this is relevant. --fellow saxophone player
  2. JayM

    Achin' for Akron/Cinecast

    The high school kids at my theater were cheering when they saw the french horn soloist, likely because they're horn players and were glad to see their horn on the field. Which is to say that, outside of the context of DCP/alumni/old farts/etc., some people are quite happy with the change.
  3. JayM

    Denton, TX

    Best the Crossmen have been since moving to Texas. Goosebumps at Some Nights.
  4. JayM

    Denton, TX

    Blue stars definitely feel like the first bit corps of the night. Not really a fan of the show or the concept. Brass edgy. Guard had some good tosses. Sun out. Not enough wind. Someone smells like BO.
  5. JayM

    Denton, TX

    Fun music from Colts. Guard certainly looked like they were having fun. A little rough near the end. Like the new unis. Blue Stars taking the field as we speak.
  6. JayM

    Denton, TX

    Show has started. Mandarins just finished. First time seeing them. Cool music. Crowd seemed to like them. Colts up now.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annus_Mirabilis_papers
  8. Probably part of the contract with the stadium. Gotta make money on food.
  9. That doesn't keep me from having dreams about attempting to circumvent this process.
  10. Posting during a water break, I see.
  11. JayM

    Mile-High Mayhem!

    Uh, wow..just, wow. Thanks, Crown.
  12. There was a lot of resistance to the change in terminology, but over time you hear much less about it.
  13. JayM

    Lexington Lolllapalooza

    Cavs didn't do too bad in content scores; it's the performance that's killing them now, it looks like. Not a terrible place to be at this point in the season.
  14. JayM

    Woodwinds/Others marching corps!

    I was a saxophone player.
  15. JayM

    DOT System.

    If everyone takes a straight-line path between dots and does it with a consistent step-size the entire way, the drill should, in theory, be perfectly clean. It's more difficult than that in practice, but that's what mid-sets and quarter-sets are for. They're very useful and any dot-oriented corps is going to make sure their members have all of their sets and mid-sets memorized. Because marching members are human. There's always going to be some variation in performance quality. In the dot system as practiced by the Cavaliers and SCV, marchers do not pay attention to those around them. They're using their eyes constantly to check in with the drum major and to check field references (hashes, numbers, yardlines, tick marks, and any other markings that may exist).