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    Send in the Clowns ( Gail Conducted victory performance after finals )
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  1. Hey Jeff: you need to give Fred Johnson a call or email. He did extensive research on Three Camps and can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about it. He is one of the guys responsible for Cadre in Ontario. You can reach him here: ( hope its ok to post the web site )
  2. Thanks for posting this. An absolute treat to listen to. A few dropped sticks and a couple of guys out of step now and then but the music was fantastic. Around the world in 12 minutes or so. You could hear African....Brazilian....Koto.......back sticking rudimental.......great arrangments. I'm guessing those snares were pretty light.... Im also guessing European in origin. Perhaps Swiss??? Majestic Drums !! Thanks again
  3. Sorry......... but I just had to say OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSsssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!
  4. Hey......not that I'm bias or anything, but since I'm from Toronto......... I seem to remember driving downtown screaming out of the window of my car at the top of my lungs for a certain Toronto team that won the World twice I think. Perhaps a different comparison. Since this is a silly thread I thought I would add my two cents anyways. I'm wondering how many people posting have actually been inside the machines that make up the top 5. Just a thought, but I think there is a difference. Just don't talk about the Leafs
  5. Why does everyone want to be Drum Major all of a sudden??? Jeff MacKay
  6. Thanks for your kind words about the Toronto Optimist Alumni. Many in our corps were also quite angry with the handling on the National Anthems. We took our responsibility for playing the Canadian National Anthem quite seriously and were therefore puzzled when we were told to perform without the playing of the American National Anthem. Some in the audience were quite "vocal" with their displeasure as to the proceedings. As I walked past the "announcers" after our performance ( I'm on staff ) I told them; rather colorfully, how I appreciated the position they had put our corps in. They looked at me rather blankly, as they had no script for a reply. When I walked passed the "dude with the clip board" I had a similarly colorful conversation with him. He informed me that the singer was late and he was waiting for the show sponsor to get the blame. From our perspective, we performed when we were asked, and are thankful for the opportunity. We hope to be able to perform for "More and More" audiences very soon.
  7. It's good to see a Drum Corps show back in Oshawa. Perhaps it might stir up some interest !!
  8. Does anyone have a link to a clip?? I was snoring by I'm told JM
  9. Cool ! I made a List !! Good luck with your corps !! Nothing wrong with wanting to Kick .................................. Jeff MacKay
  10. Thanks.......................I think my blood pressure has gone back down to normal too. Jeff MacKay
  11. Yea.....Bill Magrath gets my vote. He still has chops. Sideburns, shiney shoes and all !! JM
  12. Wasn't Slim Pickens the guy that rode the H bomb in " Dr. Strangelove" JM
  13. Ok...........Ive watched it three times now. I still think ET is humping someone and now I think the stand up image in the background has a 3d #####. I'm thinking this might be a scene from a demented theme park or an intoxicant induced nightmare!! I think the message might best be discussed in critique with said intoxicant.................... Does Hunter S. Thompson consult for you?? Jeff MacKay
  14. Thanks for posting the vid.................... Im not sure but was ET humping something right in the middle of things????? Jeff MacKay