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  1. That sucks but thanks for the heads up, I just now bought the monthly subscription since it was still available for me.
  2. Weird, I checked from my desktop, the app, and the mobile website and they all show the monthly option. The screen you are on is screen 3 of 3 for me, screen 2 of 3 is where I picked the plan, but my 3rd screen also has a "change plan" link under the "$150.00 paid yearly" line that takes me back. I'm logged in via Facebook rather than directly with a username/password, that's the only other possible difference I can think of other than them slowly rolling this change out to all customers and me being lucky... I should probably do my monthly payment now since Finals is less than a month away so I don't lose the chance
  3. If someone with no education in nuclear engineering tried to explain nuclear engineering to you how seriously would you take them?
  4. If that is the goal then I guarantee you that every single sex drum corps has failed at achieving it
  5. There are inherent differences between the exclusion of minorities and those who have been historically disadvantaged in society and the exclusion of those who have historically held power in society.
  6. To be fair, I'm saying there shouldn't be all-male corps just like there shouldn't be an all-white corps.
  7. Would you support a hypothetical corps that only allowed whites if there were 40 other corps that allowed other races? If not why is gender different for you?
  8. Take all the arguments in favor of Madison not allowing females and replace female with black and see how you sound.
  9. Great move, although many years overdue. Only one more corps to go
  10. Ok, well I've got a ring from more recently than 25 years ago and I promise we were taught to cover down
  11. This kinda makes me want to send the trumpet section 1200 chocolate chip cookies or something ridiculous like that