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  1. IANAL but in terms of program costs/revenues it makes financial sense for YEA to drop The Cadets since they have historically cost more than they bring in. I think there is a hope that detaching from YEA brings in more money for The Cadets because it will be clearer where your money is going, the impression I got from the livestream the other night is that some people weren't willing to donate to YEA because they didn't know where there money was going, was it going to The Cadets or was it going to some other YEA program? It legitimately seems like the intention is for this to be in the best interests of both organizations and not just a way to drop a bunch of debt on YEA who then goes bankrupt. The unknowns are how much more The Cadets can bring in as a stand alone entity and how much the rest of YEA suffers from losing the connection to The Cadets.
  2. I never went to ramd but my understanding is this dude was legit crazy and this was very much a stopped clock thing. I'm not aware of credible accusations prior to the story breaking a couple years ago.
  3. There are, but they aren't the ones "defending" The Cadets
  4. The messenger claims that the thread is full of GH apologists. They aren't working with reality.
  5. Do you have any details from other top 12 corps about camp attendance for remote camps, number of open spots, etc?
  6. Believe it or not people live in places that are within driving distance to one place but not another. Crazy
  7. I don't know, but we better have 5 pages assuming they aren't so that people have their chance to ##### about something they don't know about
  8. His "new" page is the old "The Cadets" page that he was the admin of and refused to give up. He just changed the name, I imagine a good chunk of those people have no idea that he is running the group or that they are following it To put it bluntly, why would anyone care about his opinion on the matter? He hasn't been involved in the corps in two years and never will be again.
  9. Not sure how you arrive at any other conclusion
  10. The inverse seems more likely to me. YEA first and foremost was The Cadets, this move is almost certainly being made to keep the rest of YEA from dragging down The Cadets rather than vice versa.
  11. If that's what you took from my message then you are just looking to fight, and I'm not going to give it to you anymore.
  12. You and others are ascribing a lot of beliefs to me that don't exist. I agree that drum corps is overall pretty inclusive, although I think there is room for improvement, diversity is difficult when the cost of entry is approaching $5000. As I said before, it is becoming a rich kid's game. In terms of gender and LGBTQ inclusion in corps membership it is easily the most inclusive activity that I've been involved with (It would be nice to see a better balance in corps leadership, but that's an argument for another day). I still like and support drum corps. I go to shows, I financially support a corps, I spend free time debating how to make things better on an internet forum. Drum corps made me who I am today, and I'm grateful for it. I'm grateful to the men and women of all colors who have contributed to the activity, yes even including the white men. I even like The Cavaliers. I imagine that like most corps they do a lot of good for their members. I typically enjoy their shows, and hope that eventually they get back to mid-2000s form (maybe expanding the talent pool would help 😝). I don't think they should exclude women though. I don't think they are bad people, I don't think they are all being intentionally sexist, I just think that in this case they are wrong and I wish they would change. It's fine that people don't agree, obviously we all think we are right, but I've given a lot of thought to my reasons for feeling this way and I've explained them the best I can. Don't confuse the passion with which I explain my convictions with the amount I care about the specific situation. I think The Cavaliers should allow women. I'm not protesting The Cavaliers, I'm not boycotting The Cavaliers, I don't hate The Cavaliers, I'm not even telling the people with the power to fix it that they should fix it. It's a drop in the bucket of what I believe are larger societal issues. I've tried to be respectful and not attack anyone here (with the exception of Hooters patrons, but to be fair I feel more strongly about that than Cavies), but people obviously take it very personally. If anyone felt I was attacking them personally I apologize, but I do not apologize for my opinions. If stating and defending my opinions on the activity is "spewing hate" then maybe I'll change my username to Mt Vesuvius cause DCP is gonna be Pompeii 😁
  13. It's almost like ya'll are responding to only the first part of my post and ignoring the rest of my post because it is inconvenient to your argument. Shocking. I don't believe I ever brought up or used the word equality, I just said I don't think that drum corps shouldn't have membership policies that discriminate against women. You are right that allowing women only organizations but not allowing men only organizations isn't equal, but depending on the circumstances it can be equitable. Anyway, this has been fun, but I think the conversation has gone as far as it can and I'm not going to keep responding to bad faith arguments. I realize that I'm not going to change the opinion of anyone I'm interacting with, but my hope is that maybe someone reading along will at least give their position on the matter a second thought.