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  1. Congrats, PC. You did SoCal proud! Is it only a matter of time before California has four corps in finals again?
  2. Speaking of kits Ringo owns....he has a Roland TD-20 which he left in London when he was supposed to be recording on Gary Wright's Connected CD. (2011.) I'm friends with Gary's engineer, so I got a call from him, asking if Ringo could borrow my kit. Of course I said, "yes," just to be able to say that Ringo played my drums😎
  3. Nit-picky about the show: Drums should be black oyster pearl (like Ringo's kit) even though the natural wood looks nice.
  4. 2008 Blue Stars - Le Tour Huge, clean guard. Great visual program. What a way to re-enter finals.
  5. Every year I'm sure that uniforms cannot possibly get any uglier and every year I'm wrong.
  6. I love that SOA isn't pimping themselves by giving Pearl Drums free advertising on their bass drum heads. Don't get me wrong- I love Pearl, but don't believe you should be their marketing department after making you pay for their product.
  7. Ha! You called it:
  8. I'm excited. The merits of Pearl vs. Dynasty drums have been debated here ad nauseum, but I far prefer Pearl (especially the snares). I look forward to hearing a smokin' hot BD line on them.
  9. With Ralph Hardimon and Jeff Queen working with them, why is anyone surprised?
  10. Brasso is bad. It strips the finish. After over 30 years of cleaning cymbals, the best thing I've found is something called "Kick'N Brass". It's made by a company named Resource in Dana Point, CA. (949)240-6668. Linda McDonald (Chad Sexton's mom) from Chad Sexton's Drum City recommended this and she was right.
  11. Yes! And thanks for the great pics. I was a HUGE Seattle Imperials fan, and miss them badly. Unafraid to take chances so much fun to watch.