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  1. Doesnt look like a good night for BK. On a night everyone else rose from san antonio, they dipped
  2. I had a connection on the way to kentucky that was supposed to go through detroit friday.. that was a mess. Kept getting delayed and delayed until i wouldve missed all my connections so i had to fly out (and through a different city) satrday
  3. If you're for the cadets, on one hand the margin to blue stars narrowed, on the other hand the margin to mandarins was slashed. Not sure how i'd feel in that situation
  4. You say like it has no effect when it generally does.
  5. 1 Boston Crusaders 80.800 2 Carolina Crown 80.650 3 Phantom Regiment 74.400 4 Spirit of Atlanta 73.150 5 Music City 66.450 6 Jersey Surf 64.650
  6. I never heard about that incident with crown. Wowza. The assembly\disassembly of some of these large props has always seemed concerning to me. Even if you got these props inspected by a professional engineer at the start of the season, every time they are disassembled, loaded, rolled down the highway, and assembled again is a chance for something to be done incorrectly, a part to be lost, stress to be introduced on the prop structure, etc. And then its assembled in a short period of time before a rehearsal day or show, leaving little (if any) time for a professional inspection, before -with some props- thousands of pounds of weight are put on the structure.
  7. Agreed. Dont mind new uniform styles that arent your typical marching uniform, but those need to convey the brand still.
  8. Another funny side effect the idiotic 'don't let kids transfer corps without a penalty' thing would have is a lot of kids just wouldnt turn out for lower placing corps. A lot of kids don't make their 'dream' corps and then go march somewhere else, hoping to build some skills and experience so they can go march where they really want to go. Year after year people advise kids who don't make their first shot to go somewhere. If they knew that marching somewhere would impede their ability to get to their goal, they'll just stay home and work on improving themselves some other way.
  9. They tightened up one form of transfer hardship waiver, but the overall trendline is in the 'making it easier to transfer' direction.
  10. Its funny you cite the NCAA, when if anything the NCAA is moving on a trend-line where players have more flexibility to transfer. Wouldnt surprise me if the transfer restrictions go away entirely within the next 10-15 years. Don't get me wrong, of course it sucks for the corps that loses a kid to a higher scoring corps. But when the kids only have a few years of eligibility and are paying thousands of dollars a year (as opposed to being given tens of thousands in scholarships, housing, training, etc) , it makes no sense to restrict them. Especially since there are a myriad of reasons one may want to change corps- they may want a different style of show, they may want a different staff (or to follow staff who changed corps), or they may want to take on a different skill level and be educated at a level that the corps theyre leaving may never be able to teach (And that isnt a bash on the corps that is being left. Every corps has its talent pool level and has to target its education towards that).
  11. Yeah, those old OT forums were the main reason i came on the site back in the day. Before i even marched! (And those OT forums were where i met two of the people who got me to where I ended up!) But then they hid those forums and they were restricted to members who requested access, which pretty much killed them. I had many thousands more posts, but likewise lost that count in one of the many reindexings. Miss what it was before that. The politics\current events forum is probably best gone, but its kind of sad to look down at those forums and see the most recent posts were months ago
  12. Blue Stars opening scores, since returning to D1\World 2019- 65.45 2018- 62.0 2017- 64.15 2016- 61.9 2015- 60.95 2014- 63.8 2013- 63.1 2012- 62.7 2011- 64.75 2010- 74.0 2009- 66.2 2008- 62.5 2007- 62.65 2006- 61.175 It probably doesnt mean anything, but i was curious so figured id post for others too.
  13. Something something cant compare year to year, but from a quick check that score from Blue Stars is the highest start since 2010.
  14. Is this based on any knowledge of what is in the actual story?
  16. I believe you in that you and your son had a positive experience and didn't see things on the level reported. Unfortunately its rather meaningless that that's what you saw. Here's the thing. It is incredibly easy to not see a lot of these things if you are not one of the ones directly affected. People get pressured not to talk, or feel ashamed to talk. Hell, in some of them the younger victim of mistreatment may even not recognize anything was wrong with that situation until years later. I'm actually quite amazed members are posting publicly their disapproval of the group, as it seems like most DCI groups have a 'keep issues within the family' mentality, for better or for wors.. And it happens and has happened at far too many places. I, like your son, had the greatest few summers of my life with Blue Stars. But i know now, some from information that came out years later, that there were some that did not due to some staff members behavior. Hell, one of my favorite (at the time) vis techs from 05 is now serving 15 years for ####### 8th graders. You just never know.
  18. The question being, how hard was 'better' looked for? Over the years, its easy to notice that its often the same names getting recirculated among the corps. Drum corps prefer to hire people who already have a drum corps history, rather than go for someone 'up and coming'. By doing this, are others not given an opportunity? Could a section tech have excelled if given the chance at a caption head job that was instead given to a retread? Could a spot have been filled just as well by someone new, outside the existing staffing 'circles'. I've never been involved in hiring or the search for staff, so i'm kind of curious what the applications:hires ratio looks like.
  19. Then you'd have to do that for all the shows. Your show is not special. Every one of us have had shows rained out and didnt get a rain date, nor could we be expected to. The tour rolls on.
  20. Those corps are already multiple hours down the road towards their next show at this point.