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  1. I was able to find my way onto the field for that one, and had a good number of friends\former staff playing in that, so that one will always be special to me.
  2. I didnt know that someone could top Star alumni's 2010 show, but that was fantastic
  4. Very well written OP. I'm not sure what the 'solution' is, but it is something i have noticed as well. Demand vs clean is one of the balances every corps has to strike. I've often wondered if maybe 'clean' is a bit unbalanced in that regard. And why is that a negative? Well, if nothing else, in terms of entertainment value greater demand will often have greater returns. Past a certain point, each degree of clean has increasingly diminishing returns for your average fan so if anything the balance should tilt towards demand instead of the opposite where it lies now. Some readi
  5. Music City is not on that lineup. I assume its an error.
  6. I'm not afraid to dive into the muck sometimes, i do get bored from time to time. I love how you accuse me of making you into something i'm not, then turn around and do that to me. I never made it about 'my contributions to the activity'. You are really taking the projection game up to 11. There's the problem. Those are all arbitrary measures of the activity, when by and large these changes have occurred not in sweeping fashion but gradually. Somene in the 70s could say the same thing about 80s, 90s, or 00s, and i've been on DCP long enough to know they did.
  7. As i already noted, the vast majority of them are completely fine with where things are right now. The vast majority of them also steer far clear of DCP because it has a massively poor reputation within the activity as being full of old people who just ##### that drum corps isnt the exact same as when they marched.
  8. I cited the only source that has hard numbers. You provided anecdotal examples. I can provide plenty of other examples of people who obviously did decide to march.
  9. "clown costume". Man, in the real world most people would consider the typical marching band uniform just as 'clown costume' as anything else being worn now. Id wager the cost is a much bigger % of that concern. Everything else you provide is purely anecdotal. The fact is, even in the best of situations, 99% of people who watch drum corps in high school aren't going to march for a million different reasons, the time commitment and the cost being the biggest ones. The fact that you've been able to identify a few of those doesn't really mean anything.
  10. Key words: You believe. You have no facts to back up any of your assertions, other than 'i believe' statements, and 'everyone i know is saying this' (its quite possible that's true, but you're just in a bubble). Meanwhile, the only numbers we really do have, attendance numbers that show that there has been growth, say differently. Aside from contrary evidence, that is the best indicator of 'is the activity headed in the right direction'. And i'm going to take major issue with your assertion that people aren't marching because of these changes. I spent 5-6 years fairly discon
  11. Just because i agree with a portion of your sentiment does not mean I agree with the majority of it. The activity will continue to evolve and change. And quite honestly, for as much as you talk objectivity and facts, you seem to be doing more of the opposite, presenting your opinions as facts. The fact is, for the vast majority of the audience, these changes arent all that controversial. Most of the controversy occurs within the 'insider' niche, meanwhile the audience apparently continues to grow and grow.
  12. But you are the odd duck out here. As someone who is much more redditor than DCPer nowadays, but certainly have my share of DCP time, that opinion certainly isnt universal. In fact, most on reddit seem to take a more nuanced view- that while it is a shame that some 'identity' is lost, there is also a lot of gain in being able to commit completely to the show through show-specific attire. Its merely following what the guard did all those years ago when they went from wearing the corps proper uniform to wearing something that fit each show better. DCP certainly tilts more 'traditiona
  13. Becoming more competitive often has little to do with having talent in your local area. So much that has to happen and go right behind the scenes for things to move upward.
  14. I had similar issues, there were only a couple seats left in a terrible location for my theater, so i opted out. Of course, this theater (which was different from past years) had it on their smallest screen, so i'm not sure its an increase in demand.
  15. For sure. A week ago they probably thought they had 3 shows left. They got 1 thanks to this and having to pull out of Rome show.
  16. Worth noting, between the last score and finals last year cascades went up 4.088, surf went up 1.088. If Cascades see a similar rise as last year, they will be fine. Hoping they do, given they already lost a show this week and they don't do a ton of shows to begin with.