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  1. What traditions do The Blue Devils have? Any corps song/necklace?
  2. Really wish Phantom Regiment had Texas auditions again!!
  3. How did you choose what corps you wanted to audition for? I am currently deciding where i want to audition, but I cant choose between a couple of corps to audition at. I like all of their music and none of them are particularly closer than the other so i wanted to see what other people take/took into consideration other than some more obvious reasons like location. Thank you
  4. I was wondering what corps house where during pre-tour or spring training. I know some corps stay in gyms, while others stay in Colleges or housing by hosts. I just wanted to know which corps do what and where. Thanks
  5. I am in the same situation as you. I am marching 2015 with an Open Class corps and hope to audition for BD for a Euphonium spot in 2016 but unsure of the level of skill needed.
  6. Yes! I know that there's no such thing as a "relaxed rehearsal", but I have heard differences in how rehearsals are ran between corps such as The Cadets and The Cavaliers. Cavaliers being more on the "relaxed" side. Thanks! :)
  7. I was thinking about auditioning for a world class corps in the future, but I am more interested in a more relaxed rehearsal as I feel that I work better that way. I do not have the money to be able to visit each corps at a rehearsal area, so I wanted to ask the people of DCP: which world class corps have what type of rehearsal? (Relaxed/strict) Thanks!
  8. Hello. I am a euphonium player. I am currently 19 years old and i plan on auditioning for BD before i age out and hopefully marching with them. I just wanted any tips specifically for this corps on things they look for or things to work on for their camp. Thanks for any help :) Edit: I will be marching with Genesis in the 2015 season and I just really wish to march with BD. Thanks with any help so far :)
  9. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could offer me some help. Whether it is a dollar or 10, I really want to march with Gensis this 2015 season. If you could, please donate at my gofund me account. It would mean so much to be able to be a part of this corps. Thank you. Gofundme:
  10. I live in Texas so i have been able to attend a Cavaliers audition camp which i liked, but I would have a difficulty flying out to Rockford to check out Phantom's audition camp. This is one thing that sways me to Cavies a bit. I enjoy the shows they both perform which only makes it more difficult to choose. I am currently in both Facebook audition groups. Thank you for all the feedback. I think a big thing that will affect where i audition will be how rehearsal is ran in each corps, how the members are treated, but (as lame as it may be) I would like to be in an organization where there are also females. Vets, any opinions on all male corps? Do you guys get "tired" of not being around girls? Just curious. Thanks
  11. In the coming season, I plan on auditioning for one of these corps but I would like to be sure for which one. If there are any alumni from either corps or current members that could give me an insight of what their respective corps is like whether it be during rehearsal or any other detail that you could state it would be greatly appreciated. Not just about rehearsal related things, but also of other things that you believe may make the corps stand out from the other or anything you believe would help with the decision. Thank you. edit: I plan on auditioning on Bari/Euph and a male
  12. Thanks, Mike. Ive been doing that and my other option is Blue Devils but all of the videos of drum majors i have seen consists of them only keeping tempo :\ but i will keep looking :) thanks!
  13. Is Phantom Regiment the only corps that has their drum major do more musical things such as cues, crescendos/decrescendos, and other added things. I plan on auditioning for drum major in DCI but i really enjoy the way PR's Drum Majors conduct and I was interested in knowing if any other corps does it. Thanks!!
  14. Does anyone know which corps have open auditions for drum major? That you can audition for the position of drum major without having to march with the corps for 2 or more years like Phantom Regiment does. Thanks!