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  1. Thanks for the info. I have found one and am in the process of getting it shipped.

  2. I have a set of King 2 valve sops, mellos and baritones. All in good shape. 250.00 for the sops in great shape. Email me at I am up in Sudbury Ontario and have shipped to the US

  3. For Sale King 2 Valve Horns, Silver plated, Mint shape 13 - Sops 220.00 ea 2 - Mellos 240.00 ea 8 - Baris 270.00 ea
  4. Are you still looking for horns...I have 10- 12 sopranos, 4 - 5 Mellos and 6 - 8 baritones...all King 2 valve and 3 Deg 2 valve contras if interested
  5. How would someone get there if they happen to be driving by and would like to check it out.
  6. Marched parades with a serious case of the Hangover and Heat Rash
  7. I guess I would have to add all the bribes to my wife for being away every weekend in the summer... ( Sure you can buy the way, I am out of town this weekend ) also someone to do all the yard work I did not have time to do. Since that never happened sure makes for buisy weekends after Labour Day. All this for an Alumni Corps...can't imagine a field corps.
  8. I have on too and was told to keep it out...I have tape on it to keep it that way when playing. Now I am confused, thought it was more in tune with it out.
  9. I know the feeling...It was the Toronto Optimists first time ( also the Les Diplomates ) at the Alumni Spectacular and only heard from people I know. Not a general feeling from the people that paid to see the show. It would be nice to hear what the paying people thought with an honest opinion. Terry Sologuk, Toronto Optimist Alumni
  10. I do not have any brothers or parents that new or wanted anything to do with Drum Corps. But I met my wife in Drum Corps..marched together for a few years in junior. Was teaching my son and daughter for about 4 years in juniors also. My son and I both march with the Toronto Optimists Alumni now....and the newest thing is that my wife, daughter , son and I will now started playing for a small alumni corps at home so we can all be on the hornline together. That is the ultimate for me...except bringing a contra, barritone and 2 mellophones everywere we go.
  11. Did you see the 2 new corps at the Alumni show and what did you think...should they come back next year?