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  1. Maybe ALL drum corps should follow the lead of BDB and SCVC ... stay home in 2019 ... get your #### together
  2. Eleran

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    But snark is cheap.
  3. Eleran

    The Cadets 2019

    Or Ted Kaczynski
  4. Post the poll on the Facebook page for the Cadets Parents ... post it on other corps' FB pages ... let DCI ignore it then at their own risk.
  5. So start a poll on DCP: "should any person who has been (a) convicted, or (b) had their teaching license suspended or revoked, or (c) otherwise been the subject of reasonably credible accusations that did not result in either (a) or (b) for some reason, as a result of that person having had romantic or sexual relations with a minor, or person 22 or under who was then a student of said person, be permitted to work directly with marchers in a DCI corps?"
  6. You so sure about that? I could mention something, but frankly I don't want to raise dead ghosts
  7. A Miramax film, starring Kevin Spacey.
  8. I think I mentioned this back in April/May, but I don't believe that DCI has done anything to set up hiring guidelines about what past actions would disqualify someone from working with a corps. Simply requiring background checks means nothing if the decision whether to hire someone despite what shows up in their background still remains completely at the corps' discretion. That gaping hole in their policy will continue to cause problems for DCI.
  9. Eleran

    Drain The Swamp, Dan

    Do you mean they have to go on tour with a corps? Good luck finding someone looking for a job that only lasts three months, and involves sleeping on a bus or a hard floor, other than people who are already drum corps fans or alumni, in which case they will more than likely be too attached to the people and activity already to be truly objective.
  10. Eleran

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Can't we just get a line of trading cards?
  11. Eleran

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    I, for one, mentioned DCA as an option since the majority of Pioneer's problems seem to relate to an inability to manage all the needs of a full touring corps - bad or lacking food on the road; medical issues while on the road; bad buses on the road ... if they were to eliminate, or reduce, the "on the road" portion of their mission as much as possible, they might be able to eliminate many of their inherent problems. As far as finances, Pioneer's Form 990 for 2016 showed $381,126 in revenue, whereas Hawthorne Caballero's had $181,979, Fusion (2015) had $217,840, and Reading had $267,831. Sure, Pioneer's numbers would go down moving from DCI to DCA, but it would likely be much more manageable for them than a DCI tour. Whether or not they are too far West to feasibly make weekend trips to DCA shows is a different concern.
  12. Eleran

    Pioneer Member Rant

    Or go to DCA
  13. Eleran

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    Not probation. Suspension.
  14. Eleran

    The Cadets 2019

    I'm fine with Cadets going out of their way to continue bringing back all alumni to the fold, but when did the number "85" take on an important meaning? Are we at the point where every fifth season now has to be referred to as an anniversary show? I guess if the marketing department wants to use that angle for its thing, that's ok, but I hope it won't have any bearing on show design or performance pressure.
  15. Eleran

    The Cadets 2019

    Do you mean Stewart Copeland? Or Aaron Copland? That does not fill me with confidence at all. Not only do I not feel there is much good "undiscovered" Copland out there that has not already been done (to death, in many cases), but it's simply "more of the same" as far as Cadets are concerned. 1975, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1996, 2008, 2014 ... Copland would once more be a case of Cadets looking backwards, not looking forwards.