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  1. It's only the first leg of the drive that's a killer (admittedly - that's a long killer). But once you reach Clovis, from that point on through El Dorado, KS, the average distance between venues was 293 miles. The average through El Dorado on the Eastern leg was 306 miles. So the appearance of being daunting looking at a map isn't the same thing as actually being daunting. And by the way, the average distance between venues from El Dorado to Indianapolis, the second half of tour, is 312 miles. As for the total tour mileage, West Coast option vs. East Coast option, you're talking 11094 vs 8962, or a 2132 mile difference (all in that first leg from Spring Training out to Clovis, CA). EIA.Gov shows diesel rates in 2018 ranging from $2.6-$3.4/gallon. While I would presume they aren't using the most expensive stuff, I think $3/gallon is probably a safe estimate. BigW's mileage estimate of 6 is probably about right for the buses and 18 wheel trailers, though probably way too low for the box trucks. Using it anyway, that's $1,066 extra for each vehicle with the Western Option. If we say 4 buses and 3 trucks, that's $7,462. In 2018 they increased member totals from 150 to 154. Those 4 extra people chipped in an at least an additional $15,000. [Note: the above assumes the corps pays for gas - I'm not certain that their contracts for buses/trucks work that way, and may instead be a "per mile" price. If so, there's no way of knowing the actual cost, though calculating the gas numbers is probably a good method for estimating.] So they cancelled the western tour to save $7,500? Which they'd already made back up twice over with the extra four members? And I'm being generous not factoring in the extra miles they had to travel from housing to venue because they got sent out to the boondocks for housing during that first half of tour, because they were scrambling late to secure anything they could get. Not to mention possible financial losses over any deposits they may have made with respect to anything for the cancelled western tour (not saying I know whether that's the case, but it's certainly a possibility - even just air fares for staff members meeting the corps out there that might have already been purchased). So without actual hard facts and details from the corps about their costs, I'm not buying that the Western tour was cancelled to save $7,500.
  2. They had planned to leave Spring Training the exact same day, or possibly one day earlier - I don't recall which. As I said above, the increase in miles was marginal: multiple shows in California were going to be out of the same housing venues (they would have been nearly 10 days within just California), and heading up and down the East coast from Boston to Florida, eats the miles up just as bad as heading West and coming back in time for the mid-west swing. They had the exact same number of shows planned on the western spur prior to El Dorado as they actually played in on the Eastern spur before El Dorado, so it would have been the same number of paydays. GH even made it clear back during the Spring of 2017 that DCI had put significant pressure on him not to do a West Coast tour in 2017, as he had planned to do. DCI was desperate to make their failing Florida experiment succeed, and they wanted as strong a billing as they could get. Just look at this year's schedule - they're down to one show in Florida, instead of three, and only have on the schedule Boston, Carolina, Heat Wave, Jersey Surf and Music City. Well, this argument has run its course. Back to Crossmen.
  3. No - that's a press release after the fact The idea and the urging came from DCI. Please explain how it would have preserved funds, since the corps would have been on the road the same number of days, staying overnight at schools the same number of nights, consuming the same amount of food, and traveling only a marginally increased number of miles (for which the total increase in gas costs would have amounted to less than one marching members' tuition - I did the calculations at the time)? Instead, they had to settle for whatever last-minute accommodations they could get, often at such a distance from the show venues that any mileage savings were lost.
  4. That's just factually incorrect. The tour was rearranged at the "request" of DCI - it was not Cadets' idea, as the logistics for the western tour were already wrapped up, including volunteers, and Cadets had to scramble to make the different tour work.
  5. No, it CAN be taken to a federal court in that instance under diversity jurisdiction. It doesn't have to be. And even in such event, the law applied would remain the applicable state law, including any statute of limitations.
  6. The PA statutes of limitation are much shorter on civil cases (generally 2 years) than most felony crimes (e.g. depending on the sexual offence charged, could be up to 12 years). I'm not sure any of the allegations made against Mr. Hopkins are alleged to have occurred within the past two years.
  7. [Edit: nvm ... last thing I want is to appear to be seeking sympathy]
  8. 2019 will be my son's 6th year in DCI, 4th at Cadets.
  9. Witness John Doe: "I saw an invoice from "Internet Scrubbing Corporation" to "Crossmen, Attn.: Fred Morrison" which said "for cleaning sex offender's online record" That is NOT hearsay. [Note: the above is a fictitious example illuminating a rough summary of what it appears the reporter's source indicated he/she would be able to testify, offered merely to contradict an incorrect usage of a legal concept, and it is not an attempt to accurately depict any actual document or event, about which this author has no actual knowledge]
  10. Perhaps, but Stu's statement took the subject well beyond the realm of drum corps. Then again, I disagree that drum corps can not make it on tuition alone, especially at the open level, when we all know that they are getting very little in the way of sponsorships or donations anyway. They may have to be creative in managing expenses, but I'm guessing the tuition-to-income ratio is a lot higher than most people think as you travel down the competitive scale.
  11. have you ever run a youth organization? I have (and always in the black) and the ONLY income was the youths' tuition. I don't know a sports club that doesn't operate the same way, since there are virtually no other sources of income.
  12. To touch on an earlier side point, the Arsenal ex-director's use of the word "fraudulent" was incorrect from a legal definition, but lay people mis-use legal terms all the time. He simply should have indicated that the DCI sentence in question was "false".