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  1. Perhaps, but remember that it's the designers asking them to portray the anger - it wasn't the kids' idea.
  2. Beginning for you, maybe ... I've been watching this develop since last Fall, hoping that well before June certain things would have been worked out
  3. FYI - watched the tape from last night, which already has a number of tweaks. The Queen no longer has her dress ripped from her - more like she is just being pushed around and chased, then the last percussion member wrestles her scepter from her, and she disappears down the back staircase. The trouble is ... what does her character actually do during the 12 minute show? Much like the statue from 2016, no one seemed to figure out and plan how she will occupy herself for 12 minutes that makes any sense. Once she comes back in the second half (in a very subdued short dress that does not make her much of a feature), what does she actually do from a story sense? And one more piece of advice, that one would hope they already have planned: during the closer, the props are simply pushed backfield then ignored. Those props are screaming for a guard member or two with a big-### flag(s) atop each of them for the final moments of the show, and frankly there should be some sort of regal courtly banner unfurled over the edge to drape down to field level (or something to match whatever it is the second half of the show is meant to represent). Those props are one of the successes of this show, and as of now they are being ignored during the closer, which is a shame.
  4. I had a long response typed and ready to send. But this is still a public discussion group, and as much as it might feel good for me to say certain things, it won't necessarily do any good (and may do harm) for them to be said out loud. I don't even know why I'm still typing ...
  5. I wish their media staff was more involved with show design. They seem to understand pacing and emotion as well or better than anyone in the organization, and most importantly they understand that effective music connection comes from a build up over time, not from short snippets here and there with percussion filler in between.
  6. And BTW - where was all this outrage about on-field depictions of violence against women when Boston was tying them up and burning them at the stake two years ago? At least for Cadets, the point is about coming back from that violence later in the show, as opposed to making the violence the culmination of the show.
  7. I was just waiting for this moment over the last several months, as I read so many of you repeating over and over "it will be so much better this season, with a design team free to do their thing without GH interfering". It's always easy to live in a fairy tale world where removing the evil villain makes everything wonderful again. The reality, however, is that designs win or lose seasons, and it's simply tough to come up with all aspects of a winning show.
  8. Oh, there's so much more that could still be said. Channel your Jeff Ross ...
  9. or Zhora from the original Blade Runner. But, Kudos to Crown for making replica uniforms available to the public on Amazon ...
  10. Well here's another vague rehearsal observation for you: I believe that 2019's props may just be the best ever used by Cadets. And this is coming from a guy who doesn't much like props.
  11. Oh, well, if some cartoonist drew him that way, then it MUST be true. I guess Goliath must also be a dog, since he was drawn that way too.
  12. Except that Goliath was a Philistine who purportedly fought David in an area that lies in current Israel, hundreds of years before Rome was even founded.