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    None yet, but auditioning for the Blue Stars in 2015
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    Madison scouts, blue knights, the cavaliers, Blue Stars, Troopers, and pioneer
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    Carolina Crown 2009, Madison Scouts 2011, and The cadets 2000
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  1. Very strong showing from Colt Cadets. Likely their strongest group in corps history. I remember only a few years back when this group didn't play much other than quarter and half notes at very subdued tempo. Kids should be very proud.
  2. Being completely honest, Spartans show moved me a bit tonight. That ballad.
  3. Crossmen 91 BK 15 Phantom 07, 19 Troop 13 Glassmen 01 Crown 05
  4. I could be wrong but I think they were referring to the fact that Surf wrote a show for the numbers they had, not the numbers they wanted. The past few years they have been marching with tons of holes all season.
  5. Cant wait to see Surf and Phantom tonight, two of the biggest "stories" of the early season, with Jerseys high opening score and Phantoms rapid improvement! Regardless, good luck to all corps competing!
  6. Thoughts of seeing this corps advance to semis this season?
  7. I haven't heard anything about the cascades 2014 program. Have they really not announced it yet or am I just behind?
  8. 1:cadets 2: Blue Devils 3: Bluecoats 4:Phantom 5:Crown 6:cavies 7: vanguard 8: BAC 9: madison 10: Blue Stars 11: troopers 12: Blue Knights 13: Crossmen 14: Colts 15: Spirit of Atlanta 16: Pacific crest 18: OC 19: The Academy 20: mandarins
  9. haven't seen bluecoats show yet, but my section leader from 2013 is marching with them and Ive heard great things.
  10. After seeing the cavies show, it would be sad to see them stay in the 6-8 range yet again.
  11. Another DCP poll. Now that we have seen several shows, which seem to be the biggest crowd pleasers or most impressive shows we have seen so far?
  12. A hornline that I think might be the most underrated in DCIs modern era (I haven't seen them all so I could be wrong) is crown 05. They were extremely clean and had a beautiful sound, yet they came in 7th. They seemed to have a better sound then they did in 07, 08, and 09. I'm surprised they weren't in the top 5 in 05, they had such a beautiful sound.
  13. IMO, its not the product that defines the activity, its the experience for the marchers and how it will impact there life. We may not like the direction that show design is taking, but we can still enjoy watching the kids having a blast performing their show that they have worked hard all summer for, I may not like the way shows are now, but every year I get more excited about auditioning in 2015. No matter what a show is made up of, the kids are still getting an amazing experience, and I cant wait until I can be part of something so great.
  14. What are some of the best hornlines we have ever heard in DCI. Pretty much, who had the best sound? My votes would go to Star 91, Crown 04-09, Crown 13, Star 93, Bluecoats 07, and Phantom 06.
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