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  1. As Jake W said they need to sell the product more and they will. The corps is young but once they get a grip on the show the design team can start to produce more and it will take off. Overall, this show is a step in the right direction for the scouts and it should interesting to see where the design team takes this for the rest of the summer.
  2. This is the kind of show the scouts need. Won't max out early like several of the previous years and has serious room for development in all sections. Big step in the right direction.
  3. There were two main issues with the show this year. 1. The show design was iffy and it never fully developed as it could have. 2. They were simply just not as clean as the groups around them. They weren't even as clean as last years corps. This is no slight to the members, but just the truth. Hopefully next year they'll have a better product. All that being said the show was still entertaining as heck and I enjoyed!
  4. Good evening DCP! Due to some unexpected events I will not be attending Finals week this year, but have some great tickets that I would like to sell if anyone is interested. Prelims Seating: Section 140 Row 6 Seat 4 Semis: Section 140 Row 7 Seat 4 Finals: Section 139 Row 5 Seat 14 For anyone who's been to Indy knows that these seats are right in the blast zone! Message me if you're interested.
  5. 1. Cadets. Odd Year and great show concept so far. Should translate well on the field 2. Blue Devils. Too consistent to drop too far 3. Crown. Back to the top 3. Better Show Design 4. SCV. Seems to be another strong year from them 5. Bluecoats. Will be amazing. 3-5 will be insanely close. 6. Cavaliers. Should be another Fan Favorite! 7. Phantom Regiment. Talented and shouldn't fall much lower from here. 8. Madison Scouts. MGM. Along with the new design team and much improved visual design will carry. Another Fan Favorite! 9.Blue Knights. Videos on the Vine sound great! 10. Boston. Anniversary Year! Will be good. 11. Blue Stars! Should be fun 12. Crossmen! Should solidly be in... Overall this top 12 will be insanely good. Talented groupsthat would usually make finals in any other year won't this year
  6. The question is who will they pass up? Yes they do sound great at the camps and should be improved greatly from last year, but the groups around them are also quite strong. Troopers, Crossmen etc. Getting back into finals is possible, but certainly won't be easy.
  7. With the hires on the Design team why not. KC Michel and David Veda did great work at Phantom. We will see in June
  8. If the guard and visual is on pace from what we're hearing from the brass and percussion we could be in for something special this year.
  9. Anybody hear the percussion video. Sounding good up there!
  10. Totally disagree about Spirit being out of ideas. Having been to the past few camps I can tell you for certain Spirit will surprise a lot of folks. I put then anywhere from 8-10
  11. As Brasso said, he can't really answer that for you, but I would say it definitely can't hurt your chances. I auditioned for a finalist corps and was callbacked but was ultimately cut and they told me to go get experience somewhere which is just what I am doing now...just keep practicing and with a lot of hard work and dedication you'll succeed somewhere.