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    marched 6 years (junior corps) taught 6 years (junior corps)
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    Blue Devils
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    1988 Blue Devils
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  1. My nephew and I get together each winter to gorge ourselves on Drum Corps shows. We try to have a topic for each years get together and I need some help with this years assignment. Help me if you can by submitting your input. Thanks. "1972 Kingsmen to 2018 Vangaurd. How did we get here? The '72 Kingsmen, if marching today, would be regarded as a novelty, a nostalgic backward glance. But, how did we get from there to here? Our task is to pick the 6 drum corps that got us from there to here. Not necessarily champions, but trend setters non the less, that pushed the activity to a different place. Choose your six mold breakers and be prepared to make a case for them to present to the 2019 DCI winterfest. Take your time and consider your picks carefully. Eagerly anticipating your response, UB."
  2. I'm talking about shows that weren't appreciated at the time. The great shows are obvious but there are personal favorites out there that do something for people that all of us might have caught. Someone commented that Phantom's "Into the Light" did it for them so I started watching it and the more I saw it the more I liked it. That's the kind of stuff I'm looking for.
  3. I've got some time and plenty of dvd's (thanks to my nephew) and I would like to mine some drum corps gold. For example I've just really gotten into 2010 Phantom and Crown. I'm enjoying it like I never saw it before. What else is out there that I missed? I would like some suggestions and maybe some tips on what to look for. Thanks. (I see I'm a dcp rookie even though I've been involved with or followed the activity for 50 years.)
  4. Where are we at with 2015 dvd's and audio downloads?