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  1. Bobby L. Collins

    How About Some Common Ground?

    As I suspected. You dishonor the spirit of the activity, and the memories of those who built everything you have helped destroy. And it sickens me that you are complicit in the suppression of criticism of said dishonor by abusing your moderation powers in order to make this an echo chamber for the George Hopkins fan club.
  2. Bobby L. Collins

    How About Some Common Ground?

    And what are you doing? Trying to use whatever headline you just read on the news as a false equivalency. Where's YOUR generous contribution to flood relief? For that matter, where's your generous contribution to Les Stentors? At least THAT is relevant here.
  3. Bobby L. Collins

    How About Some Common Ground?

    So apparently you also agree that the activity should no longer be called drum corps? Or are you a hypocrite?
  4. Bobby L. Collins

    How About Some Common Ground?

    Which may ultimately result in even more outrageous, over-the-top abuse of A&E utilized by corps for as long as it's sanctioned. If they fail to recognize that even their staunchest fanboys are beginning to say "Um, guys, we love you and all, but.......don't you think all this A&E is starting to get out of hand?", then they risk alienating what's left of the hands that feed them. You're seeing that sentiment here, you're seeing it in r/drumcorps, you're seeing it on Facebook, and you're even seeing it peppered among the comments of YouTube videos. "I love modern drum corps, BUT....", or "I agree they need to reign in the A&E, BUT....."(each followed by meaningless words that contradict everything they typed prior to "but"). I mean, there's not that much farther to go in order to achieve Hopkins' ultimate vision for the activity. He got rid of the bugles. He got microphones and speakers approved. He got synthesizers approved. He got amplified singers and choirs approved. He got wireless mics and audio engineers approved. He even got Cesario's ballerina costumes approved. He changed the activity from "music and marching" to "CONSTANT, OVERPOWERING MOTION AND CAMPY DANCING, with a little music underneath the synths". All that's really left on his checklist is marching woodwinds, and that's coming. How much longer are sunshine-pumping fanboys going to ignore and deflect criticism of aspects of the activity they themselves abhor? How much longer will hardcore fans and supporters of corps look the other way while a small number of individuals are sabotaging the very ethos of drum corps and ruining the longevity of the activity? And I'm not just talking about Hopkins. I know many of you consider yourselves diehard fans and supporters of drum corps. If that's true, then why don't you stop looking at the activity with the eyes of a blindingly loyal sycophant, and start looking at it objectively, with a little foresight and common sense? And at the very least, can we also agree that a little foresight and common sense wouldn't hurt this activity? Or are we going fundamentally disagree on that as well?
  5. And yet Mssr. Francoeur chose not to lash out at a point of view that challenges the status quo, the way you just chose to. You lot challenged me to address my concerns to corps representatives directly, and I have done so. He handled it with grace and aplomb......why can't you? If this forum truly is a place to share ideas about drum corps, then stop trying to refute or censor my ideas. If, on the other hand, this forum is solely to serve as an echo chamber for how great and wonderful and successful you THINK the activity is today, then come clean and say so, so I can stop wasting my time and energy on a lost cause. Stop suspending me for standing up to the trolls who have you on their side, and start enforcing the TOS fairly and equally. Otherwise, the whole thing is a sham, and this website deserves the horrible reputation it has received elsewhere for being a sunshine pumping love letter to WGI. That said, this isn't the place for this particular discussion. If you truly support the activity as it exists today, and if you won't abide any expression of views, opinions or ideas that challenge said support, then put your money where your mouth is and donate to this cause. And that goes for everyone else. Prove me wrong. Prove to me that you lot are not a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites. If the activity is as healthy and successful and secure as you want to believe it is, then open your wallets and make sure this corps never has to blow another bugle ever again.
  6. I'm every bit as qualified as you are, bub. You see, I understand human nature. And the last time I checked, there's not a single DCI judge who isn't a human being. And your entire premise is a wash. DCI corps directors DO set the standards for adjudication. That's not only irrefutable's common knowledge.
  7. Rather than give money to a cause in which I no longer support or believe in, I would like to offer some advice. There are repair techs throughout the U.S. and Canada who would be more than willing to refurbish your bugles at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new line of B-flats and Fs. But I realize you are under insurmountable pressure to ditch them for marching band gear, so I cannot begrudge you for trying to compete with the sellouts. And as long as there is a corps representative viewing this site, allow me to say this. Despite my feelings towards what corps directors have allowed DCI to become, I wish you and your corps the very best of luck. While it's true I cannot abide the dancing and wallowing, the narration and amplification, and all the other gimmicks you've been pressured into embracing, I genuinely hope your organization survives the transition into Summer Guard. I personally won't be watching or listening, but I sincerely hope you achieve success or, at the very least, continue to survive. Good luck.
  8. Bobby L. Collins

    Cadets 2018

    I think you're forgetting that DCI doesn't answer to the "vast majority". If George Hopkins pushes for woodwinds hard enough, there WILL be woodwinds. And he'll do it just to spite those who oppose it.
  9. Bobby L. Collins

    2017 Favorite "Moments"

    Favorite moments from 2017; SCV Alumni, and USMC.
  10. How though? They've only got a set number of minutes to perform, and the dance instructors and choreographers insist upon monopolizing the musicians for dancing instead of playing.
  11. Bobby L. Collins

    Some thoughts on 2017

    Exactly. It's one thing to play Ditty and F Tuning for a warm-up. But it's quite another for every corps to play stuff that sounds very much like that for 12 minutes. I'm all for cool riffs, but not when those "cool riffs" sound like Jiffy Pop in the middle of a ballad.
  12. Bobby L. Collins

    Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    It didn't (and still doesn't) warrant a response, because you're accusing me of something I wasn't doing. I'm happy for Colin, and I wish him well. But I also have the sense to know that when Boston's generous benefactor(s) dry up, that's right about the time he'll be ready to "seek new challenges", along with most of the rest of the dream team. And I don't begrudge them for that, not at all. But I'm not about to sit here and wrap it up in a package labelled "money had absolutely nothing to do with this decision". I have WAY more sense than that, and so should you.
  13. Bobby L. Collins

    How About Some Common Ground?

    Try to look at it this way. Amping up is a risk. Something CAN go wrong. It's no different than a soloist aiming for ledger lines above the staff. The rest of the corps has no control over whether that soloist flubs or not. And if a soloist stops a show dead in its tracks (and I'm sure I don't have to refer to the most obvious example of this in the history of DCI), that's gonna hurt the scores. But today, when it happens with microphones and electronic equipment, it's being totally ignored. That's just not right. You can't objectively judge a corps' performance when the technology drowning out the corps' actual performance is malfunctioning to the point where it affects the quality of the performance (I was going to captialize and bold-print performance throughout, but it's probably not necessary). Crown's finals run will almost certainly not be on the commemorative DVD. Because of a technical difficulty. So in years to come, Crown 17 will be represented by their semis run instead. All because of a microphone that didn't affect their finals score one bit. That MUST be reflected in the scores, or else the scores are beyond meaningless, and it truly does boil down to who can get away with the most deception through the electronics and not lose a signal in the process.
  14. Bobby L. Collins

    Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    Well now I wouldn't say the entire site. Just the contrarians who are simply here to argue. They've got me figured out, because they know I won't put up with that. I get the tangible sense you've figured that out, as well. I bring insight. All you bring is attacks aimed at me rather than said insight. It is my hope that the "entire site" can see that.
  15. Bobby L. Collins

    How About Some Common Ground?

    mmmmm hmmmmm