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  1. Very much so! Also unlike previous years the brass will no longer be hiding during warmups, they'll be out in the open for everyone to see!
  2. I think you'll be happy with the look this year
  3. First rule of DCI Underground is don't talk about DCI Underground
  4. I think it'll be best to let everyone find that out when they see the show :)
  5. June 23rd at 8:30pm might be a good time to check The Cadets social media
  6. This closer is classic Cadets run and gun. 200+ BPM and some insane drill. Without giving anything away, let me just say that the ending will have you in tears
  7. The Cadets will be at Mercyhurst until Friday!
  8. They left in several snippets. It adds to the idea of chaos
  9. Our synth player had to leave for a few days lol