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  1. There's a piece in Suncoast 1989, where they have the slower section that starts off with the mello soloist and the guard is using bird-like equipment (watch the vid to see what I mean), that I absolutely adore. The chordal harmony is stunningly constructed (by RW Smith) and the orchestration in the hornline is lush and gorgeous. If they'd been a bit cleaner overall (especially percussion), I think it would have been even more fantastic.
  2. Yeah, honestly I don't like much of his stuff. He's got nothing on Myron, but Myron's not doing so well health-wise.
  3. Essentially a King before the King bugles. These are really, really few and far between.
  4. Necro time. 1988 Garfield 1988 Suncoast 1990 SCV 1991 CBC 1995 SCV 1997 Phantom
  5. The Kilties senior corps might have some up for sale - that's where I got my 1st gen 3v Kanstul.
  6. Reminds me of BD 88 and 89 - the Black and Grey Devils, and then the Black Devils.
  7. What's funny is that I have a very old Kanstul 3v G ("very old" meaning pre-1994-ish, I believe they might have been modeled on the old King F mello), and it's extremely durable.
  8. The DEG 6V is actually a cornet shank, I think. I have one.
  9. Oh, I thought you meant "add a caption" to the sheets. I'd add colour guard as a separate caption.
  10. I think he wrote the whole book for 1980 Scouts. The whole thing is gorgeous from start to finish, and the layering and harmonic structures are just pure Ott.
  11. Star was only charging $250 to march in the early 1990s. It was all determined by the audition. Of course, they DID have a corporate sponsor, but Cook Group didn't exactly put their name out front.
  12. Necro time! I have officially become the Necromancer. 1991 Phantom Regiment - that has SO much theatre you wouldn't believe it 1990 SCV - those baritone hits, and the hornline's complete beauty. 1984 Garfield Cadets - what can I say? Honourable mentions go to 1985 Garfield and 1990 Star.