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  1. Thanks for the post, Continental, it brings back a lot of memories and helps make up for the inept finals-night broadcast that year. I joined SCV just about a month before this show, to fill a French horn hole. I had quit drum corps two years before to pursue college, but a friend invited me back at the last minute. I remember my terror the first few shows, including this one, trying not frack or fall over while performing the most difficult book and drill I had ever marched, all with one month of practice. You can see me at the exact 10:00 mark, the right-most French horn with the cheesy must
  2. Great, now I am all pizzed off about the GoT finale again. Ravens totally under-utilized!
  3. I am Joan. I can do better. I will not throw away my shot.
  4. In this new era of staged musicians, Knights taking real risks visually, by moving and playing so much, and with such effective drill. Unfortunately, they are dirty as all get out.
  5. Wow, compared to Cadets, the Knights have such a more coherent design and music philosophy. I loved the flow and smoothness of their musical and visual ideas. Gorgeous music too
  6. Cadets seem to be searching for a new style, but they are not there yet, and it is kind of painful to watch. Their show is made up of bits and pieces of old Cadets and other corps. They don't have a distinctive and coherent new image yet. I am hoping they can achieve this over the next year or so.
  7. I don't understand this arrangement of Bridge Over Troubled Waters. The style kind of wanders all over.
  8. Average price of one pack of cigarettes in Chicago is now $12. I know some young folks who have trouble making ends meet but still buy cigarettes. It is a vicious habit, one of the hardest to break. It is certainly not a corps' job to dictate whether or not a member smokes, but if the corps can dissuade a teen from smoking, everyone is better off.
  9. Holy smokes, I love BK's show! Beautiful brass writings and coherent musical expression.
  10. Does anyone know whose voice is being used in the show? Sounds like a very old Leonard Nimoy.
  11. Loving BK's music, something I have not said in a while.
  12. SCV left me cold at the beginning of the season. I am warming to the show, but it still feels like "Babylon: The B Sides"