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  1. That out-of-step marcher was actually a dedicated, experienced and skilled member. The mistake was highly uncharacteristic of her. I recall the tempo during Greensleeves was so slow that it took a lot of concentration to stay in step and not phase. Stadium acoustics and the loud crowd may have played a part too. I made plenty of mistakes in my marching days too, but I was lucky enough not to have them immortalized!
  2. Kilties 1975: Don't you worry 'bout a thing Guardsmen 1979: I am biased, I was with them, but still an outstanding show. Cadets 1981: They were on the verge of greatness: Adventures in Time * Egyptian Danza * Fire Dance * The Elks' Parade * Pieces of Dreams Suncoast Sound 1984: Vietnam show, daring and way ahead of its time. SCV 2010: Bartok. Enthralling, remarkable drill, under-rated
  3. This brings a tear to my eye. It is a beautiful illustration of how drum corps extends far off the field and deep into the lives of so many. Rest in peace, Mr. Warren, you have done some good here.
  4. Helmets are back! Gee, I am gonna miss those hoodies, though... Overall, a nice Phantom look. I like the arrow and wing insignia. Unfortunately, the arrow shooting up from the crotch is a bit much, especially for a female-focused show.
  5. Point of order: Guardsmen last used Vistalite drums in, I believe, 1976. Vistalite drums were a passing 1970s fad, like pet rocks or disco.
  6. That is rather irresponsible and impetuous conjecture on your part. You are besmirching someone's name based on one data point. If you have seen a PATTERN of favoritism from this man, please provide it.
  7. What a short memory. Crown's 2016 Relentless show featured cowboy murder and mayhem, complete with prop guns. It led to a fair amount of debate on these boards. Crown changed the end of the show from an early season revenge killing to an end of season forgiveness, if I recall correctly.
  8. SCV and Cadets tied for top brass in 87. SCV tied with BD and Cadets in 84.
  9. Almost forgot: Cymbal line did their patented Viper move near end of Club Sound. Hard to see because they are behind tenors and snares, and cameras usually did not capture it.
  10. All true, but you are referring to matters of style. The OP was asking about specific references to past shows, which I am assuming to mean samplings of music, drill or guard moves that have been used by them before. Thinks of the "Clowns" quote at the end of SCV's show last year. As well, there is a percussion riff that SCV has used in many shows since at least 1978, and it was present as recently as two years ago (it goes something like: bum bum budda bu-dum.). And of course, the famous "V" formed by the cymbals. That said, I cannot see or hear any references to past shows in SCV 2018. It appears to be sui generis. Any one else notice any?
  11. The OP's post reminded me that even great musicians could not agree on what constitutes good music: "You know what Debussy is? Calf's-foot jelly. It is spineless music" - Prokofiev Opening a piano and sitting on the keys, Rossini declared, "There! That is what Wagner's music sounds like!" Asked if he had heard any music of Stockhausen, Sir Thomas Beecham replied, "No, but I believe I have trodden in some." "Why is it that whenever I hear a piece of music that I don`t like, it is always by Villa-Lobos?" -Stravinsky "A very tolerable imitation of a composer.” Ralph Vaughan Williams on Gustav Mahler "Listening to the fifth symphony of Ralph Vaughan Williams is like staring at a cow for 45 minutes." - Aaron Copland "If he'd been making shell-cases during the war it might have been better for music." --Maurice Ravel on Camille Saint-Saëns "What a giftless bast-ard!" -Tchaikovsky on Brahms