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  1. I agree. These 3 groups should be in tight proximity of each other. Never pretended to understanding scoring, never will, but this gap is ridiculous.
  2. I love this year's show! And nothing like a little "Garry Owen" to get the drum corps juices flowing!
  3. I love this show! The singer is awesome and I think she sings just the right amount. I look forward to it every time!
  4. I was wondering the same thing when I heard the Justin Bieber sample in the Blue Devils' show.
  5. Hey Everyone! I love a spirited conversation, but I never meant to point fingers. My post was more of a personal rant...I should have ended it with "Whew! I feel better now!". Let's face it, we are all on the same side...wanting the kids to have a tough, educational, character-building, meaningful, fantastic experience! And while my heart says "Go Red Team!", I am also keenly aware that every kid is doing this for their corps, their staff, themselves...and us, the fans.
  6. There is much more coming regarding the use of the boxes. But...there are many other corps that have a field full of large props, taking up a large amount of space. Boston, for instance. Or Cavaliers. Or the Blue Devils, who in the past have had a field packed with large props. The double standard that exists with the "top tier" corps is extremely frustrating.
  7. This show is the whole package...I can't wait until Saturday!
  8. Anyone have a reason for the uniform change?
  9. 12th place up for grabs Many want, but none more than Johnny Staccato