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  1. If the videotape is your property, the "Fair Use" part of copyright law allows you to make a backup copy. Duping companies generally avoid commercial videotapes because proof of ownership is difficult or impossible to establish - easier just to say "no." But if you find a way to copy it, there's nothing stopping you from doing so legally.
  2. drangin

    Finals - August 7, 2018

    If there was an "DCI Unplugged" division I would watch only that.
  3. drangin

    Finals - August 7, 2018

    Ah...Central Time, I guess.
  4. drangin

    Finals - August 7, 2018

    They're ALL torture loops now. Is anyone saying anything there at the stadium about when this will start?
  5. All wireless microphones used in DCI should be collected and ceremoniously burned.
  6. Feel free to be helpful. I heard they finally fixed a problem with the operation of the roof this week.
  7. The field is a Green Screen Challenge. If you're wearing green you will disappear at some point.
  8. The stadium is cavernous, and it sounds it. They've made no effort to reduce the reverb. I heard that the stadium only opened this week. Is this the first major event to take place there?
  9. Am i just sensitive or do the alternating field colors make it hard to watch the high camera feed?
  10. They are not only decorations, they are emblematic of humanity's long-time desire to turn swords into plowshares. Towns got used to seeing the pageantry of war - bugles and drums, rifles and flags - marching through their towns at various times ever since the Civil War. People liked the pageantry, so after WWI as the older equipment was discarded by the military its use was taken up by veterans groups to keep the pageantry going. Besides, rifles are one of the few remaining links to modern drum corps' origins, and to discard them now out of a naive desire for world peace would be foolish. Nothing looks cooler than a perfectly synchronized rifle toss.
  11. drangin

    Minneapolis, MN - July 7, 2018

    Now Playing on the Hallmark Channel...
  12. drangin

    Minneapolis, MN - July 7, 2018

    That trombone - ouch. If you don't know what "in tune" sounds like, why are you playing on trombone? The baritone will automatically get you closer to the pitch.
  13. drangin

    Blue Knights 2018

    I love the Blue Knights show. Their Right of Spring arrangement is wonderful. And you're right: trombones are just not as loud as baritones. They can't be, because the bore is so much smaller. Trombones certainly are brighter at loud volumes, but in the context of a drum corps show the sound gets lost behind trumpets and cymbals. People laughed at me here when I said that trombones are not as loud as baritones, but everyone is hearing it for themselves now. Trombones can only be featured downfield or with mics because the sound just doesn't carry across the field. Corps made the same discovery about tubas when they replaced contrabass bugles: no carrying power. Upfield, 16 tubas can't cut through like 4 contrabass bugles could. And the worse combination of all is a trombone solo with a wireless mic, it's just a crummy sound. Rationalizing crummy sound in pursuit of technological trumpery is not an improvement.
  14. It's in stereo now.
  15. Is anyone getting a stereo feed? Mine is mono.