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  1. Members and Friends of Freedom Drum and Bugle Corps got together and we've made an album called "The Advent Album". We worked tirelessly over it for the last few months, and we'd really appreciate the support if you would like to drop by iTunes, Google Play or any of the other major markets/streaming platforms to purchase/stream our album. We as an organization decided this last January that we would take the summer off to find reputable people to populate our board and staff, but we agreed that no matter what, we needed to GAPOTS. (Get a Performance on the Stage) Despite personal setbacks and obstacles, this is what we were able to do. It's different, but we're proud of it nonetheless, because it meant we were able to come together and make something cohesive, and I'm beyond thankful for that. More to come. iTunes link: Google Play link:
  2. Freedom DBC in OKC is still looking for members in each caption except drumline. We are competing as an exhibition corps this summer and we will perform regionally. Contact me at for details.
  3. Go Thunder! Clippers ain't got nothin!

  4. We are looking for board members and caption heads. We're calling it the Avengers Initiative. More info on the website: