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  1. Ray was a wonderful person and true drum corps guy. His influence and membership in the early years of the Bushwackers, along with Ed Hayes, Sr. and Lou Marshello, helped our hornline and corps. I loved running into him at shows and catching up with life in general. He and his late wife, Patsy, were always there with a smile and a kind word. I will miss seeing him this season and at every show going forward. Rest in Peace Ray and God Bless. Thank you for all your smiles.
  2. bushdm1986

    New Jersey Hall Of Fame Inducts 10

    It was a great evening. Many thanks to Ron Bonadonna and his committee, the Bon-Bon's Chorus and everyone involved in the dinner. Congratulations to all of the inductees. A special smile up to heaven for Eddie Hayes, Sr. Looking forward to next year already.
  3. bushdm1986

    Joe "JAG" Anthony Giammetteo

    Sad news. Jag was a good guy in drum corps. I remember him at Allentown in the early to mid 1980's. He always had a smile on his face and a kind word to me. God bless his soul. Another good drum corps man in heaven. My condolences to his family.
  4. Support drum corps in New Jersey and make your way to Wildwood NJ on June 17th. Looking forward to seeing my Bushwackers and all my drum corps friends. See you then.
  5. One of the good guys of drum corps. Congratulations Bob! Well deserved.
  6. bushdm1986

    John "Screech" Arietano

    Condolences to the Arietano family and the Sunrisers family. Screech was associated with many drum corps and we are all richer for that. Rest in Peace.
  7. bushdm1986

    Bushwackers Invitational - July 24

    Great to hear Mike! Thanks!
  8. bushdm1986

    Bushwackers Invitational - July 24

    Thanks Fran! The Bushwacker volunteers and Woodbridge HS Band Parents did a great job yesterday. Thank you to all the fans that braved the heat and humidity and especially all the corps members for performing on Sunday. We had a great time and the facility in Woodbridge is exceptional. We had a wonderful time seeing all of the Bushwacker Alumni and friends at the Hall of Fame Induction and at the show. A great day of drum corps!
  9. bushdm1986

    Bushwackers Invitational - July 24

    Looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday 7/24 in Woodbridge NJ. The show will be great and the location is easy to find. The stadium stands have been replaced and the Woodbridge HS Band Parents run a great concession stand. Can't wait to see all the Bushwacker alumni and all our drum corps friends. See you Sunday in Woodbridge.
  10. Thank you BigW! A lot of people put in a lot of time and effort to make this work. We appreciate the fact you appreciated the effort and value for what you got. We tried to think out of the box and did this show the way we did it. Thank you for hitting the nail on the head. In the end, drum corps wins. See you next year!
  11. This show just keeps getting better. Come out and support drum corps in the last show in New Jersey this season. All of these corps will be pulling out all of the stops for you the audience. Be there to cheer them on. See you in Clifton on Saturday!
  12. Just 3 more days until the Championship Preview. Get your tickets now and have a reserved seat for a full day of drum corps. It will be a big night. Don't say on Sunday morning you wished you were in Clifton on Saturday night. Order your tickets NOW!
  13. The perfect time of the year to get your drum corps fix. The last big show in New Jersey at one of the best stadiums for drum corps. Looking forward to seeing many Bushwacker alumni and friends. Order your tickets now and avoid the lines. Great DCA line up, alumni corps and Al Chez's band. You can't go wrong folks. See you in Clifton on 8/22!
  14. All fall, winter and spring we wait for the first show of the year. It's just around the corner, so get to Wildwood for Cabs at the Beach. Best of luck to all corps and to the Cabs for running this show.
  15. Looking forward to seeing some old friends and honoring our friend Gene. Bring those checkbooks! See you there and thanks Nat.