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  1. To be honest I wouldn't say one is easier to make than the other. These are the best Drum corps in the world and they all are going to strive to pick who they think are the best performers in the world.
  2. I'd like to point out how Bloo was 1.5 out of 2nd place this time last year after prelims... They are 1.1 from 1st!!! Let's go bloo!!
  3. I'm not sure if there have been any rule changes. What if there is a tie finals night?! If I saw a tie I would predict Bloo and BD tied for first!
  4. Positive that bloo will make a jump tonight! They spent 2 days cleaning and I heard they also added in a few tweaks!
  5. As the person who made this topic i would like to apologize for creating such big controversy. I love the Bluecoats. I've always been a fan and maybe my opinion is a bit biased. After hearing many things about the 2015 Bluecoats I am certain they will not make a huge drop and will continue with their momentum. I have not heard their brass yet but from what I have heard they are once again amazing. And like I said the visual program definitely looks to be much improved! Let's hope design is the same if not better than last year! Sorry for such a controversial topic! -CC
  6. You're right. Maybe I'm just expecting the Staff to perform at the same level they did last year. (Of course expecting the members to perform at the same level or better too)
  7. After reading through the 2015 predictions thread I've noticed that not many people are counting on the Bluecoats to be top 3 or even win DCI this year. I'm just curious as to why this is? It looks as if the Bluecoats have the same exact staff this year. You would think they would be better than they were last year. After hearing rumors about the show I honestly hope they are true. And also after seeing a video of them in January marching, they look like they have a whole lot stronger visual program this year.. Anyone care to explain?