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  1. Honestly i know we don't know anything yet, but BD already have their 2023 show locked away in their archives and will be put into activation soon. For some reason, and 99% of the time, my feelings turn out to be right; i really have this intense positive GOOOOD feeling about their 23 season. I have a strong feeling, it's going to be very different and really good. Not based on anything, not even on this year, not even on their history, nothing. Just one of those deep in the feeling vibes, it's like an intuition. But to answer the direct question, i do think the possibility rate is high they will 3peat. I think the mindsets are going to be different for the kids along with BD approach to shows, they will have left this year fired up for next year. I think they'll be a different beast.
  2. Let's discuss these possible fun show titles in the 2023 thread. @DWW11 you want to do honors and create the BD 2023 thread.
  3. Sounds about right, prob another anniversary year. What would you name it ?
  4. Thank you man! Quad Acess i can drink lol.. I don't drink often but when i do, i drink plenty.
  5. Yes what Chief said.. Whose this honor is bestowed upon, come forth ? 2023 is waiting............................................
  6. Blue Stars i adore you. You've been great and consistent. You worked hard and got the reward. Congrats!
  7. Why is this thread so far.. you guys just won silver. Bluecoats thsnk you for an #tripy rollercoaster ride. It was #amazing and i loved every minute of it. Congrats Tonight and for an entire season of pure bliss.
  8. BOSTON CRUSADERS YOU DID IT! YES YOU DID. Your Championship title is not far away. Oh it's coming for sure. Congratulation! Well deserved.
  9. Feeling overwhelmingly proud for those kids. So young but so undeniable great, they carried the Blue Devils within themselves and embodied the very nature of this dynastic legacy. The way they've worked so hard, they came out on top, UNDEFEATED. They've pushed themselves to almost perfection, almost. They have proven to themselves first, and now to the world, who they are and what they are made up of. The kids Won.. not just BD but every single marching member from every corps this year. And yeah we also won, The fans.
  10. BD NATION Listen! I learned this year how fearless and resilient we are. I love this BD nation spirit and fierceness. I really am proud how we handle ourselves this season. I have never felt such bonds and community spirit amongst us without spelling it out, we be about it and just say. Most of all, most of us were classy and show great sportsmanship. Keep that going. We won because we knows how to fight and still be cool and collected.
  11. In all honesty. I hope to see what crown brings next year, hope the design is way better, but they performed the heck out of it. Cadets and Phantom i can't wait to see what you both do next year, the foundations of been relaid and it's strong and looking really good.
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