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  1. Lol 🤣 Chief said, " fan girl"....😁 I am with you on that my brother. They gives goose bumps, and Awesome awwwww, just spectacular straight lines.
  2. That's great to hear. Do you think they have a shot at winning The Sanford ?
  3. So true... I marvel evwrytime they do straight rotating lines in any show they put out
  4. Cadets i was looking forward to your show the most this season and i wasn't disappointed. WELCOME BACK!
  5. I see you've stired the pot here Lol.. It's waaaaay out there and i like it. I hope your dreams come through one day 🤣
  6. That would be so cool... a shock ending again and would be perfect for this season
  7. I don't think so. They most times have some final touches of details to be added. Sometimes even the entire closer change, I don't it will change though. Not sure what to expect exactly with this show. We all know BD ain't going to roll over and get beaten. Experience should be on the teams side. The performers are great, i like how compose they are.
  8. Blue stars at the begining of the pemier i wasn't so pulled into the show.. But i love it now after giving few viewings. it was personal for me because it wasn't the show i wanted from them lol.
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