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  1. We have to give them our support, because they are baking themselves in sun all summer and sometimes risking bodily injures to put on a great show for us. Let's keep them prayed up.
  2. Terry, Terry Terry LMAO! sorry i had to laugh though. "The big giant sheet" ................ Lol. Well i wasn't in much to see those comments. I popped in and out because i was multitasking.
  3. Don't Leave! We need more positive and respectful members here to keep things balance. Don't let them push you out. I almost leave two weeks ago similarly, but some amazing people here remind me that great people are here, and this place can still be fun. Stay and enjoy the rest of the season with us.
  4. I knew Crown was going to add something to that ballad movement there, but didn't expect a Humongous Fabric covering the amazing kids. I rather see the kids and something else than Fabric but hey, that's just me. Loooooove the music...
  5. Poopycock your getting a dig at tonight, even at your character for making a criticism, yet your responses are more calm and collected. lol..
  6. Love Academy. I've been trying to like it but i've yet to feel anything from the show. I appreciate some musical moments but thats it. Feels half baked.
  7. Maybe they need to do a overhaul of the entire website or something to remedy the streaming problems idk. With today's age of streaming, that's something they really seem to be so behind on. They want to charge so much for the service without spending a lumpsome on giving quality stream. As i have learned as a youth, you have to give to get back. Spend more money on quality equipments and bandwidth, so you can recieve the benefits in return. A big Investments in thier own, should yield fruitful for both themselves and customers.
  8. Yeah. I respect your opinion for sure. But i seeing them over the years using props, they've never had props not well used since 2008 polls. 2009 chairs fantastic. 2010 mirrors well integrated for the theme. 2011 the house building so brilliantly done. 2012 one of my favorite also a great way to ingrate to the theme. 2013 polls are used like i have never seen before, 2014 the film and production set in the opening set, the tables with chairs throughout Felliniesque could have gone so wrong, kind of over crowded but we all know how that ended up. 2015 books for Ink were clever to the story, with those ladders etc... 2016 scaffoldings were my least favorites but still used up the best way they could, and provided a artful backdrop with colorgurds using them. 2017 have we seen Metamorph oh yes, those steps didnt just sit around. 2018 the recreation of the painting, 2019 those platforms brilliant, entertaing and just innovative.. here we are to 2022 which is no different. Some are used more than others based on the show and what could have been done.. But they all were used well.. No ? .......... I clearly can remember seeing so many angry BD haters and critiques, cussing out online by other fans that BD used too many props, and they throw oyt ridicule calling they names and discrediting they're shows to just props. Some laughing, I never forget. Now look where we are in Drum Corps.
  9. Not just this year or last time, they do it All The Time. They used them so well. They are a part of the shows, integrated so effortlessly and with purpose, they are used for what the show actually intended.
  10. I wouldn't count many of these as ending yet, even though technically they are. I'd rather call them placement thus far. But one of my favorite is The Mandarins....
  11. Ok. Doesn't mean he's smart though. His ranting alone is telling... LOL
  12. I hope he's fully prepared to realized he's an IDIOT! Can't argue with a blatant ABBD fool.
  13. Welp! Lol... Entertainment unlimited.. When people criticized, i often realized they do not use common sense, or they just don't know how to really be analytical and fair. Blue Devils have been strong all across captions for years, hence why they have such a high success rate with their shows and placement. They are not perfect, but they strong. I could spend hours arguing and dissecting all the details why. But it is not needed, since it will still not be satisfactory for those some selective who just think BD is the worst, and should be placed last even if they have the best design, or performance, all in their feelings of " We are tired of BD winning". They say this clearly every year, only to keep repeating that same song. Yet BD doesn't not win every year but they sure make it feel as such. Doesn't matter what they (BD) does, they will just not be good enough in those persons eyes.. Guess what though, they have all rights to dislike and disagree.. On that note i don't blame them.
  14. Actually i see it coming.. This brass is just tasty in the BD way. Yes they still have issues to work out but I think we might have the new Ott winner this year.
  15. Listen i think we might have a new ott winner this year... But it's still a fight to take it from crown. I have been saying it from the season start that BD is definitely up for it this year.
  16. Excuse my loudness up in this!!! Listen!!!... Good day BD nation 😄. Today is the Fkg day! I'm here for it today! Competition heats up, with West VS East and all in-between. Blue Devils derserves all the hype we can give. It doesn't matter if they win tonight or not... wait a minute! Um.. ooops! I Meeaan, it DOES matter that they beat all their ##### tonight... Lmao. 🤣, you know i'm just joking with that tone, or.... maybe not ? 🤔 In all seriousness i mean all corps well tonight.. i like all of them and i want all to bring it 100% give us a dam show, we want to be entertained, But you know i Champ BD all the way. Great show tonight Blue Devils you do derseve to beat their #####, oops i mean... um.. i wish you the win tonight. Lol. If not tonight, then regionals, if not then Most definitely finals. BLUE SMOOOOOKE! DO IT UP DEVILS 😈
  17. Oh man, this show is really unique. I am enjoying it so much. a lot of marching with movements and those silks really makes beautiful statements. I hope this approached will at least get copied once or twice in the future.
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