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  1. The fact that Phantom was basically 2.1 from NOT being in finals is hard to grasp.
  2. This is funny, because over the last decade BD has helped revolutionize how drum corps are scored when it comes to visual design, and this is evident in their dominance since 2007. Yet in this instance, I feel like SCV is beating BD at their own game, and other corps are getting pretty darn close as well. So to complain about SCV in regards to a perceived lack of visual demand is funny, because that absolutely acknowledges the fact that this entire “game” was created by BD. For the record, I have ZERO issues with how BD and now SCV/other corps decide to utilize this visual concept.
  3. I don’t disagree with you, however wouldn’t it be a more tactful move to start out the 2019 thread with some positive, optimism, and willingness to look forward, versus just complaining about stuff that we all know has happened this season?
  4. As it’s been all season, rough guard score for BK. Their guard didn’t make finals, technically............
  5. Wow. I could see SCV being a point ahead of BD tonight, or more.
  6. Good show from the Cadets. The z pull never seems to impress me as much as other people. I understand the history behind it but it just isn’t that exciting of a move to me. Nonetheless, good job Cadets!
  7. What the heck is that weird noise during the Cadet’s performance? It’s a knocking/banging noise.
  8. I think people are forgetting that semi finals are now the top 25, not the top 17 like it used to be…
  9. I’m truly asking, NOT being snarky— do people actually think PR could fall out of finals this year? I’m just trying to imagine the situation where that happens.
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