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  1. Right on the 50 tonight... National Anthem just happened. A good night for some drum corps, deapite scattered thunderstorms possible.
  2. Haven't been able to keep up with everything like I usually can due to work... I am sad though that the Cadets won't be at the Broken Arrow TOC show tomorrow, as it is the only live show I can make this year. Still, I have hopes for them doing good this year with what was dealt them.
  3. I am happy to hear about the old feeling being back. That makes me even more excited haha.
  4. And there is still plenty of season left to go and anything can happen! ...I really missed DCI season.
  5. Here I am thinking everyone knew to take incomplete panels with a grain of salt...
  6. This is going to be a wild ride for sure this season. To quote my favorite movie: "Hold onto your butts. . ."
  7. This announcement has me super excited/relieved about the season! I’m excited for what this show design can do now with some fresh/new minds.
  8. I just hope that the performers can continue with the season. They don’t deserve to have their experience utterly destroyed in the wake of this.
  9. Well. I am digging the more Bernstein. Maybe Waterfront... Well, here's to the start of a new round of speculation!