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  1. It's nice to see a thread for this already, I'll just throw out some show titles for all. (if you know of one not on here feel free to add it) SW Miamisburg-"Drum Majors Instinct" Mechanicsburg-"Isolation" Norwin-"Mirage" Avon-"Vox Balaenae" Ayala-"Wherever the wind may take me" Bellbrook-"BELL....brook" Carmel-"Arabesque" Center Grove-"Be the change" Greenfield-central "Peter and the wolf" James Bowie-"intimations on immortality" Nease-"Shattered" Shanandahowa-"Adrenaline Junkies" Stoneman Douglas-"Untethered" Warren
  3. Hmmm I feel like making legitimate way to early predictions 1st-Carolina Crown 2nd-Bluecoats 3rd-Blue Devils 4th-Cavaliers 5th-Santa Clara Vanguard 6th-Blue Knights 7th-Cadets 8th-Boston Crusaders 9th-Blue Stars 10th-Phantom Regiment 11th-Crossmen 12th-Academy ---- 13th-Madison Scouts 14th-Troopers 15th-Mandarins Can't wait to look back on this and realize how dramatically wrong I was.
  4. When there are 80+ corps competing then maybe
  5. If BDB OR VC make finals they should be required to move to WC. (OPINION)
  6. 2nd annual random.org prediction (Looks like an open class takeover) 1st-Spirit of Atlanta 2nd-Pioneer 3rd-Troopers 4th-Music City 5th-Raiders 6th-Louisiana Stars 7th-Colts 8th-Phantom Regiment 9th-Vanguard Cadets 10th-Blue Knights 11th-Cascades 12th-Gold ----------- 13th-Genesis 14th-Blue Stars 15th-Crossmen 16th-Bluecoats 17th-Boston Crusaders 18th-Legends 19th-Santa Clara Vanguard 20th-Les Stentors 21st-Pacific Crest 22nd-River City Rhythm 23rd-Guardians 24th-Spartans 25th-Mandarins ----------- 26th-Carolina Crown 27th-Colt Cadets 28th-Blue
  7. Was half expecting to see a 2017 prediction thread already. Lol
  8. Love reading all the posts in here, it feels like I'm there in spirit. :)
  9. Super happy to see Academy and Boston in finals, although its sad that 2 finals quality shows just missed out, anyways good luck to all the finalists tonight you have earned it. (Go bloooooo)
  10. That's on me, I forgot to include that it was an opinion so I see where you're coming from.