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  1. I don't so much have a problem with the top 12 being in finals, but the problem I have is with finals being on Saturday (although not opposed to some expansion). Many fans are dealing with band camps during the week and cannot get to prelims or semi's. Finals is their only option, so they can't see everyone or most everyone. Have they ever had a Friday through Sunday set up?
  2. Crown Bluecoats Colts Academy Blue Stars Honorable mention to Mandarins
  3. Perhaps the question is, how many times does one need to see a show before it makes sense? I saw the BD show in late July and it made no sense to me whatsoever. After seeing it again in Indy, I caught on to the story, but I was not familiar with the music. I can honestly say I've had this happen with other corps, even with shows I really loved. I've had it occur at WGI a lot, where I'd watch a performance and say, weird, I have no idea what I just watched, but they performed it well, even after seeing a show multiple times in a season. I think this is a valid question to ask if you expect to grow the fan base of DCI beyond the junkies on this forum. Not everyone spends their free time reading up about corps' shows. They just want to go watch and be entertained. Perhaps there is a magic balance that exists between abstract and overt?
  4. I am under the impression that Mark Sylvester left the Colts mid season. No idea why.
  5. They're also human beings who would like to know that their efforts are being appreciated, not only by the fans, but by the judges. They'd like to experience finals without ever questioning politics of DCI judging, Sounds like it's been top 12 for many years, but why 12? Why not 15 or even just 10?
  6. Cadets guard is definitely busting its butt moving all over the field. So they're doing their part.
  7. w/r/t Colts: Seriously? Bad guard? Bad show? No brass? I think many would disagree with you, including me. I'm hoping they surge and beat BAC. Like the Cinderella team in the final 4 kind of thing. Doesn't DCI need a story like that?
  8. Colts got rained on tonight. That could have affected them a little.
  9. Someone needs to start this thread. Would be quite interesting.
  10. As a parent of a MM who is not in a top 7 corps, these statements, while I believe them all to be true, disgusts and saddens me. Too much money and time, too much pain and suffering occur in a season for this to be acceptable, especially the "no matter how well executed the show becomes." The comparison of the Ivy League seems appropo, unfortunately.
  11. I don't mind some of the singing, but Lay Me Down (Colts, sung by Sam Smith out there is the pop world), IMO, would be much more effective ballad without the singing or at least with less of it. The song is fantastic and a big hit with the younger crowd, so why not really take the opportunity to the max? You know, as in, give me chills Colts brass! It has the potential to do that.
  12. As a WGI fan, 10s or 12s seem like a stretch to me. I'll look closer the next time. I'm distracted by the very long hair from BD guard. Same as last year. I did not understand their show concept at all. Only realized what some of it meant after reading on this forum. Loved Bluecoats though (guard and everything else), and thought Blue Stars guard was great too. Colts guard was in good shape I thought and would be even better if a few of their flag bits were more solidly in unison, but Troopers....not a fan of their guard/visual thing. Personal preference probably, but just not my thing. The thing with the Bluecoats is, I can't tell if they're brass is giving all that sound, or if it's a mix of electronic stuff and brass. I guess getting it mixed that well is the point (to the point you're not sure), but I'd like to know it's them and not a speaker too. Otherwise, wow, cool show.
  13. I'm curious how most corps handle injuries during the season, and I'm also wondering if injuries are pervasive in certain corps but not others due to better training regimens. I've heard of kids getting sent home because they have a certain overuse injury (stress fracture, feet problems, other things like this). While in the case of a stress fracture, they're likely not going to heal in time to compete, some of the other injuries seem like a few days rest would do them good. It's made me wonder about overtraining, as is seen in elite athletes and whether the lack of down time is harming corps rather than helping. I've not seen the threshold for injuries causing a MM to be sent home articulated anywhere, but perhaps it is for some corps. I don't know if certain corps have different schedules than other corps that allows more down time or not, and whether that helps/hinders in any way. I will say I've heard rumors that a top 5 corps had more downtime because the members were just better to begin with and fewer hours (relatively speaking of course) were needed to clean the show. I don't know if it's true or not. Anyone have knowledge of or experience with this? Thoughts?
  14. @BlueStainGlass do you know what part? I see auditions to be in Ft Wayne.
  15. Agree! Please Glassmen organizers: get some more definitive info out there soon. Location of practices and practice schedules/travel expectations will be critical for college students who might consider your winterguard. Ohio has competitive winter guards (notably Onyx in Dayton, Pheonix in Toledo, Juxtapositon in Central Ohio, Artistry in Blue in Akron/Canton, Pride of Cincinnati) but they'd welcome another option.
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