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  1. In any design, concept must come FIRST My dream show for Phantom: Exploration of Gestalt I would behappy to collaborate as I am a professional artist.
  2. This was one of my fave shows this year for so many reasons! I love when you spelled out words! Loved the waves rolling at the end! Loved the pig head! BAC knows how to tell a story! Suggestions for next year show theme idea: Wonder – R. J. Palacio Mans Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
  3. A show is a living thing It surges and melts when it’s right.
  4. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Crown always is within a breath of a medal - their shows are intensely creative and the music is always phenomenal. Execution is always excellent and the staff can make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Remember last years bronze show? Remember Inferno? Crown is always innovative! By comparison, BDs shows are looking stale - same evening gown style arm covers, recycled pink dresses, same rhythm to the show, same dance moves...enough already!
  5. Ready to bury your father and mother. What would you do if you lost another?...and any sentences that rhyme with other...ooooh oh ohhhohohoh sweetness follows...
  6. OMG CROWN! That rocking beast had me in goosebumps!
  7. Some corps have 4 person audio engineers controlling the sound - shouldn’t they be corps members? Shouldn’t they be under 21? Especially since sound is such a big part of the show.
  8. Watching on flo: Your music is beautiful and well played. Drill is tight and looks great from above. Music by the carpenters performed by carpenters... literal visual translation. Conceptually, not imaginative enough for such a talented group dagnabbit!
  9. Watching on flo. Loved the big sound and the trilly hit! Love the hit from the tops of the pyramids. Colors of flags were gorgeous! the pyramid props seemed pretty flexible and I liked the way you moved them around
  10. The music is terrific! The members are performing the heck out of it!
  11. No one puts Phantom in a corner. They are a classic perennial favorite. Saw their leg chop yesterday! Love the gestalt uniforms and the hoods juxtaposition of modern and classic. My take on the show concept: (please correct as necessary) In looking at the show design as a noob, I think the wings represent the old and the hexagons represent the new. The introductory video gives a soaring feeling so I think the wing symbols imply soaring. The hexagons Symbolize technology or they show a connection/contrast between the future vs the natural and organic shapes of the wings. The design sets a stage.
  12. The first Drum Corp T-shirt I ever bought was from Phantom. Later, I remember them in their pure white unis waiting for a tornado to pass in Minnesota. For years, Spartacus was the show I showed drum corp noobs. Today they appear to be in 10th place.
  13. Colts- winning earasers They were super loud...maybe DCI should regulate the decibel level.e