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  1. Thank you Bluecoats for performing a show that most people will, recognize all the music performed well.
  2. Sorry, but Bluecoats show is much better and will outplace them IMO..
  3. The members will pay for this choice in mid July when touring Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee in 100 degree weather. Long sleeved flannel shirts and capes with hoods and fur? Loved their show though.
  4. Loved the show as well, but they have to either get rid of or tone down that synth bass. Man it was annoying.
  5. Great review. I only hope the Cadets don't catch flack for the gender symbols. Because as we all know, in this day and age, there aren't just 2 genders anymore.
  6. Sorry, I have to agree with Planets. That Crown uniform is awful.
  7. Oops! Looks like the fun police caught up with it.
  8. The original quote I was referencing was about Carolina Crown's props.