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  1. This is try number two, so I'm going to apologize in advance if you see it twice! posted from the DrumScorps app
  2. We're getting ready for an SCV encore. I predict close scores for SCV and BD. They both came to win. I'd give the edge to BD, but it could go either way. Cannot wait to see them again in San Antonio! posted from the DrumScorps app
  3. Great show so far. Temps are warm, but humidity isn't bad. For Kansas in July, this is a great night. Guards should be happy there is almost no wind. The last two corps will benefit from the lack on sun on half the field. There's a great crowd, and they've been generous with the applause. Quite a few standing after BK and Cadets. posted from the DrumScorps app
  4. Scores aside, Music City is my favorite show this year. I love that they're having such a wonderful first season, and I hope the members realize how much we enjoy their show! posted from the DrumScorps app
  5. I can also say I have had good luck ordering through the Madison Scouts. I've bought tickets for San Antonio and Indy from them, and both times I received exactly what I'd ordered. The tickets were mailed at least a month ahead of time, and the people in my section have always been good fans. I have ordered my San Antonio tickets two years in a row from the Boston Crusaders, and while I got what I ordered, they send them out very late. Fortunately, I live in San Antonio, so it has not been a big problem, although it has worried me both times. Last year, I phoned their office and they were very helpful. This year, I was out of town & our mailboxes were broken into, so I was sure they would be gone, but fortunately they sent them so late that I ended up receiving them. Both times, I have seen no one really representing Boston near my seats - it's as though they were random seats.
  6. FWIW, if they were in Austin, then they're working in Texas, which is a "right to work" state. I can be let go from my job at any time with or without cause, and so can they.
  7. This would appear to be a pretty "official" Troopers thread, but as of ten minutes ago, there is no designated thread for the Troopers on the DrumScorps app. Anyone here friends with the mods?
  8. I wanted them to be that good the whole time, but once they're on the move, they lose a little. I'm just a fan, not an expert, but I felt like it was a bunch of moments that need stronger transitions.
  9. Just got home from the preview. Was a little disappointed that we didn't get to see the uniforms this year, but I guess I'll see them in July. There were some nice moments - there were a lot of things to work on. As usual, I would like a little less synth, I have reconciled myself to the fact that that is just a part of the "Crossmen sound." It was enough to get me by until Thursday
  10. In 2015, the Scouts went with those great traditional uniforms for 78th and Madison & beat the Cavaliers. They announced 2016's Judas theme early, which I originally thought was smart - I always feel bad for corps members when they're forced to march a show they don't buy into. I tried to like Judas, but you can't really do a dark show with white pants & red sequins. If they didn't have the budget to go with darker uniforms, they should have waited to do Judas until they could change uniforms. They figured that out last year by going all-in on the theme, and it brought them back into finals. I'm looking forward to this year's show. The level of competition in the top 12 is getting stronger. Last year, some very good shows missed finals. A few good years and membership retention would do wonders...
  11. I was sorry to see this statement, but as the parent of an age-out MM in his third corps (don't hate people - he's now a music educator & learning from more people was part of his plan), my son didn't see it this way last year. While he still lost weight over the course of the tour, he felt that the food he received at Boston was of much better quality than his previous two corps. I only saw two meals in person, and neither of them were the "special" meals (like the famous Winckel BBQ), and while not fancy, there was protein & fruits & vegetables available - not just pasta & PBJ. He lost weight because he was working hard & it's hard to eat much when it's hot & you have to go work some more - I learned that first hand in my own outdoor summer jobs. As Americans, we put a lot of emphasis on food, but if you're in drum corps for the food, you just don't get it.
  12. Haven't bought my tickets yet in San Antonio. Only 3 theaters showing this year. One has sold 38 tickets. The other two, only 4 each. I usually go to one of the "4" theaters, but it's way more fun when there's at least a bit of a crowd. That said, it's so hot here, a trip to see my friend in Detroit is formulating as I type....
  13. I was feeling sorry for C2 having to go after BD, but that Simple Gifts company front was wonderful! I hope people stuck around to cheer for them. posted from the DrumScorps app