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  1. Love that they're only playing 4 total pieces this year instead of the usual 8-10.
  2. Mandarins 2019 repertoire: (Note: The composer of “On the Shoulders of Giants” should be Peter Graham, not Thomas Dossour)
  3. With less than a month to go before Tour Premiere, here are my predictions as of now: 1. BD 2. SCV 3. Crown 4. Bluecoats 5. Boston Crusaders 6. Cadets 7. Cavaliers 8. Blue Stars 9. Mandarins 10. Blue Knights 11. Crossmen 12. Spirit of Atlanta --- 13. Phantom Regiment (yes, I'm really going here, and wouldn't be surprised if 1 or 2 corps I listed below passed them before season's end) 14. Colts 15. Madison Scouts 16. Academy 17. Troopers 18. Music City 19. Pacific Crest 20. Genesis 21. Seattle Cascades --- 22. Jersey Surf (it will be close, but I think some Open Class corps will really step up this year with BDB, SCVC and OC all gone)
  4. Pacific Crest 2019: “Everglow” Colts 2019: “When Hell Freezes Over”
  5. Symphony No. 3. Phantom did that piece as their closer a couple years ago, but I found it very disappointing. I'm hoping BD can do it justice; they're most certainly capable. Also, that first Lorne Balfe piece ("A True Passion") is very Ennio Morricone-esque. Great choice for a ballad.
  6. David gave full control of his publishing company (Maslanka Press) to his son Matthew, who eased the licensing restrictions on David's music a year or so before his death. The first ensemble I know of to use a work by Maslanka was the Bixby HS band from Oklahoma in 2016, who played "Give Us This Day" as part of their program. This was less than a year before the composer died.
  7. Cadets 2019: “Behold” Show repertoire: "Fanfare for the Women" by Libby Larsen "Just" by David Lang "Blueprint" by Caroline Shaw "Dance No. 1 from the Estancia Orchestral Suite" by Alberto Ginastera "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Paul Simon "Do Better" by Tom Aungst, Omar Carmenates, and Brandon Carrita "Symphony No. 4" by David Maslanka
  8. The Academy 2019: "the bridge between."[0]=68.ARD877Bx5eLvFXuSGmbESI_oy9noWGBZr_Hxm7lGfLU_Y9LWLv2adPOcvU620UqgBH7TNdwSbabAaFKXoyIULAMlL8KJhtP3yvZZo0MK2-yW_-D6B21kpJW3Jyb_n5bfRs2WAaNEIPf2XyDOWU9YkvjsKqKPHmemNESGzgTg517jWqD8sueTkicfVOhtYjEVVQ5f0TsJ8EUdT4sPoJGH-MbW7hw_cA6twcKJrcg6sWO-lwpma3aHeVsVHvJ3aPpi-yyM96l1ukMCW1rnx9vOCBYYjx8evYHgzTbGssqNQKp2wIRtEAM72UhsKhoNAH6IFSD10oPkS0_wQzL2cTe_fbHEi13y9klMWjzskiqQV2cPajk&__tn__=-R
  9. Back in 2013, I saw a TOC show where all 7 corps that performed came together at the end of the night to play "One Voice" with a member of the Bluecoats singing the melody. Also, "715-CRΣΣKS" sounds more like a Bluecoats or Blue Knights ballad than a Scouts ballad, but I can see it being effective if arranged well.
  10. Was introduced to the song "Lonely Lullaby" by Owl City earlier today. Many of us already know his song "Fireflies," but this would be equally suited as a fantastic ballad if arranged well. (P.S. Adam Young's voice can sound a bit goofy at times - just pretend that it's a baritone solo.)
  11. I hope they use the version by the Piano Guys that mixes the original with the hymn How Great Thou Art. It helps that this was also Wando HS's ballad in 2016.