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    Bluecoats Champion Mom/ Former BAC mom
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    Bluecoats --fully support my son's corps
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    Bluecoats 2016 Downside Up!
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    annual mom and son's girlfriend trip to Indy to support our guy.
  1. do the hats light up? thought i could see some led lights in those bowlers. Havent' seen a show since day one.
  2. I predict that Bluecoats will finally perform their original 2016 concept, "AgriCULTure"
  3. For me, the best place after finals is at the busses. I get to see my Blou Lou (his beloved nickname this year) and carry all of his summer stuff back to the hotel! We may splurge and uber it this year! Then, depending on the time, we may have a celebratory drink or two in the hotel bar.
  4. that's true, but in my son's case it does. still feel back for this original mm's bad experience.
  5. Totally going to the theater and to Indy the next day. Will miss semi finals but will be attending my fourth and likely final "finals" night as my son is an age-out. The hs kids near me are competitive by nature and are state semifinalits and state winners, so they appreciate the work that goes into this activitiy. They're there to support their friends that are currently marching with Boston, Troopers and Bloo and are always positivly vocal for all the corps. They also know that this momma is a corps momma and also a band directors mom, so they better not anger Mamma Bear.
  6. hoping and praying that doesn't happen as I would love a Bloooooo victory. So close and will be an exciting night for sure.
  7. i want to leap from my seat too! Too bad, I'm home on the sofa :(
  8. the year my son marched BAC, his visual partner (that supported him in a back bend in RISE) almost snapped her femur in half from a stress fracture. Had she marched, she'd be on the field. The night before finals, she had surgery in Indy. He did the bend without her and it made for an awesome picture IMO. Things happen.......Go Blooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo