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  1. https://cavaliers.org/news-blog/2022/9/6/announcing-the-2023-music-design-team
  2. ANNOUNCING THE 2023 MUSIC DESIGN TEAM https://cavaliers.org/news-blog/2022/9/6/announcing-the-2023-music-design-team
  3. There are 3 shows in Dallas / ft worth every year and if you notice no effort to get ATT stadium ! Way too costly!
  4. My thought is that BD would have to put together a show where the theme is really visibly recognizable by the judges. Yes
  5. I think this line of comment is not productive and simply misguided. None of what you are insinuating is useful to anyone at the Cavies or any other corp for that matter. The cavies have no intention to go coed or bend to the whims of the negative .
  6. I think if you are going to make comments on the seriousness of anyones 2021 show you had better know what you are talking about. Since there are obvious mistakes in your original statement the remainder is null and void.
  7. Lol my 80 year old memory is out of wack when it comes to names.
  8. Where is the best place online to get inside info on what the Cavies are doing and conversation open to all?
  9. Wow that didn’t take long! Is it possible that Mast is either part of the problem or the reverse , he has been waiting to make these quick changes?
  10. Dress the whole corp to look like something not human. Like a herd of cattle at a stampede or a cattle drive .
  11. Narration detracts from 2 things 1 ability of audience to concentrate on the music 2 seems like it lets the corp off the hook to transmit the theme to audience through music and design.
  12. Why would it not be listed on the upcoming screen?
  13. I am surprised at the low level of interest in this thread. Why is that? Also this whole season it seems that The Cavies are not getting the support online they usually get. It also showed up in the fund raising competition a couple of weeks ago and in the participation in Patrion . There has not been a whole lot of concentration in the fan base and seems to be a lack of staff working on those issues and others. i May be completely wrong, but if that is what I’m perceiving and feeling, I’m sure there are others feeling the same. It’s very worrisome for a fan like myself.
  14. But still they had good score increase. The show was pretty clean in prelims. The y just might pass Blue Stars who i think have a very boring show in general. the second ending is better than it was. I bet they change the. Finale even more. I agree they need to make that whole ending more dramatic . what the cavies do best is High energy and the show is full of energy.
  15. During the second week of July the Cavaliers reported over 30 members on protocol restrictio and the corp only did Stanstils. Phantom had a similar COVID event the week before. Cavies didn’t compete for 10 days which put them at s great disadvantage in placement. Are there any Corps having COVID problems still?
  16. I’m my humble opinion it is slotting that Is applied just before finals every year that gives the effect and reality of judge bias. Corps should be given the scores they achieved without relationship to each other. And the weighting of GE higher than everything and in addition the invisible or elimination of drill scoring by including it in GE diminishes the real proficiency of a corp. GE is way less important than music in performers growth as a musician or otherwise.
  17. section 337, row 2 seat 6 Selling tickets for Prelims, Semi, and Finals for $140 for all. 3 tickets . Or $50 each
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