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  1. How about the 5 you never want on your player or in your digital library. ?
  2. Your of Champions in Akron canceled due to weather.
  3. It is my opinion that the Cavies are still the most energetic and exciting corp in DCI. They do it without being too theatrical with props,overdoing narration, and standing still to play ballads, and with struggling to be who they are. They are the only all male corp in DCI dedicated to brotherhood, being as masculine as possible in show design, energy, music and color guard choreography to mention a few. I truly believe that remaining true to who they are will, in the long run, make them stronger if they build on that history and bring it more to the forefront of their shows rather than giving in to pressure to go co-ed or following the masses of DCI. Innovation has been their asset, and drill their ace in the hole. Masculine shows are crowd pleasers and brotherhood is member pleasing. The corp has shown its inclusiveness to all male members, straight, gay and otherwise and will prosper with that position for decades to come.
  4. Cavies placed 2nd in percussion behind SCV tonight in Allentown.
  5. There is no phantom / mandarin vs cavies battle. Cavies have been going straight up in score since they missed 10 days due to COVID hitting 30 members and did not compete. So did Phantom. After that. They have had to fight upward. And it’s still progressing. But three is no battle. Except veteen phantom and mandarins .
  6. No one hates period. DCI is the problem not the players. But it’s still not hate, it’s constructive criticism of DCI regardless of who makes the rules of the game. Which is the corp leaders not gathering corp members.
  7. It’s not any different. I’m arguing parity not differences. Rules that give all the corps a better chance at the prize.
  8. But you are looking in the wrong direction.. Cavies will pass either BS or Cadets , and maybe both. There is plenty of room for them to jump ahead of them but still be behind SCV. Never underestimate the Cavies.
  9. Wherein lies the problem with DCI. No parity in money spent on props, accommodations, rehearsal time vs performance time. , etc. You are winding up with an uncompetitive organization dominated by the haves at the expense of the have nots. No different than the problems in non-professional sports. Just different in what us out of wack.
  10. It’s actually annoying that the Blue Devils continue to win due to a lack of parity in DCI. How come Blue Devils are not performing this coming week until Indianapolis? They rehearse more then they perform. Everyone else is performing this week.
  11. They have now added two additions to the ending. The singing one from Soaring Sound Centerville had to be planned since they gave credit to Harry Styles "Sign of the Times". I would think they will not add anymore just refine what they have. The whole show has come together beautifully and it is nothing but pure Cavalier energy. The crowds are reacting very loudly during the whole show. I think they will pass the Cadets and the Blue Stars before this is over and who knows maybe more. Yes, I am an eternal optimist.
  12. Mesquite scores Carolina Crown 90.55 The Cavaliers ( a big jump) 86 Mandarins 85.85 Blue Knights 80.9 Colts 80.25 Troopers 79.15 Madison Scouts 75.95 Pacific Crest 72.3 Genesis 68.25
  13. Really, and this is my and other alums who I have spoken with and mostly agree opinions. There is nothing to do. They need to find their own way, and the administration needs to seek out people who fulfill their vision, which they apparently have done. This is the direction they want, so... That's pretty much that. I'm sure the current members are having the time of their lives and love performing together. It’s sometimes difficult to speak up on here for fear of hurting another person or groups feelings as to how they perceive the drum corps world and in this case the cavies, because of their experience as alums parents, ex staff or fans. But all of us have the same motivation for our. Comments. It’s always to support and enhance the members experiences. Signs of the times!
  14. Except for 2019, the Cavaliers seem to be a bit lost for quite a few years. I loved “Mad World” and is , before 2019, the best because it was pure Cavies. I am not. Drum Alum, unless you count long term fans. Cavies have been my favorite since the first show I attended. I, like all of you, want them to excel for the members. So what can we do as fans to move their success forward. We sit and watch intently and can compare them with the competition. But how can we convey our suggestions to the corps? Surely their is a better way than on comments. Any ideas? Anyone have a friend’s ear inside the organization?
  15. Boston took 2nd plac and they deserved it. They are a new force to be reckoned with . I would not be surprised if they beat BD. Their show has it all. BD is same ole same ole BD. We will see. Cavies went backward a little.
  16. I think this years show is missing what the cavies arre usually noted for. innovation and intricate drill. All the leaders this year are #### full of innovation. Even Phantom has stepped up. Cavies don’t need to go backward to what they are comfottable with they need to lead the pack in design and innovation. It’s that simple.
  17. I am not sure why I feel this way, but lo have a feeling they have something planned for this weekend in San Antonio that will change a whole lot. Let’s hope!
  18. Agree! I have thought that since Detroit. There are at least 4. Dead spots in the second half. I keep thinking they will fix it but nada. This show has great moments and has fantastic possibilities. Also why is the show so short? Get busy Cavies!
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