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  1. Without tarps cavies increased 2 points
  2. Yes but why do you ignore the other corps from last night. That, to me, is not cool. If you are going to review a show , review it all. What that always screams, in my estimation, is what DCI’s main problem and point of criticism is. No sense of Parity. You want to see real competition, introduce rehearsal restrictions snd structures, equality of. number of shows performed, money spent on ancillary things like props, parity in tour housing, etc. , bring back scoring based on competence, decrease weighting of general effect, and decrease level of subjective judging . And many other things to promote parity.
  3. They actually looked kind of flat tonight. Need lots of cleaning. But still I can’t believe they came back so strong. It’s encouraging.
  4. 1 Blue Stars 82.200 2 Phantom Regiment 80.450 2 The Cavaliers 80.450 4 Colts 77.400 5 Madison Scouts 73.750
  5. Cavaliers Arts Perfomance Education, Inc For immediate release Contact: Monte Mast Executive Director OLATHE, KS July 18th, 2022) - The following statement was released today by The Cavaliers, through Monte Mast, Executive Director of Cavaliers Arts Performance & Education Organization, Inc (CAPE), located in Rosemont, IL, in response to questions about future performance plans: "We're back."
  6. Cavies perform 1st out after intermission in San Antonio. Seems like a fair placement under the circumstances.
  7. Cavies have been in COVID forced standstill, but they March and play 90% of the time during their show.
  8. Listening to them on standstill last night, it was obvious the music is making a big statement. It is saying that when we get back we will be right in the mix at the top. The only thing that concerns me is what DCI might do with placement for San Antonio. I hope they just put them at where their first score upon return places them.
  9. Anyone heard any information on Cavies performing or not in Rockford tonight?
  10. Cavies are going to make an announcement about Rockford soon. Not sure what soon means however.
  11. Since we are not allowed to post politically on here, I will just say conspiracies are nothing more than trying to cover up one’s own shortcomings.
  12. I know this won’t be popular. But after watching Boston tonight, I can easily see them winning 3 captions. Percussion, Gen effect and color guard. The show is very good.
  13. This today Here’s a quote from Monte about the corps’ plans: “One new case this morning. The preventative testing yesterday hopefully will minimize the spread. Again, the members are in good spirits and the worst symptoms are feeling like they have a cold. For the asymptomatic positive and recovering members, the staff is providing instruction outdoors at a distance so that they can get back in the show as quickly as possible… Combining the COVID issues and a few injuries, we don't feel that it is in our best interest to perform the full show. So we will be doing standstills tonight and in La Crosse tomorrow night. We will do the Rosemont Community Parade and Picnic in the morning tomorrow then head to La Crosse so there will be no rehearsal time tomorrow. Our goal is to be back on the field for Eau Claire, Rockford and Whitewater performing as normal. We hate missing full performances but member health and safety comes first.”
  14. What’s up with the cavies? The scores were posted for the show and they were not listed. Anybody know?
  15. I’m not happy about this but I see Boston as high as 3 with bluecoats 4, cavaliers 5 and scv 6. But maybe bluecoatz and svc interchanged.
  16. Of course you take BAC but the time thing is ridiculous. It will take more than time to hold this show from shooting up quickly. Like tonight. The brass is doing great and they have a pro at the helm. No worries
  17. The cavies had problems starting in 2011, they finished 2nd in 2010 and then they had a complete design team change when the best there is went to SCV. If you love the Cavies you know who I mean. The 2020 show was one of their best ever “Mad World””.
  18. just possibly.cavies will fool everyone except me! This show is really good and will finish high. Just sayin!!! Lol
  19. Anyone know why are there not any scores and rankings yet on drum corps planet ?
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