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  1. Does anyone else beside me think that the order of performance at each show should be different. It would make it more intriguing for the fans to not have the leader last and down from there. Not in finals but in the other shows. I also think it could make the whole event more competitive or might I say Equalized over time. It’s getting like pro and some amateur sports , money buys success. Just wondering what you think.
  2. It will turn out great. Lots os energy and fantastic arranging. The ending will be fantastic.
  3. The closer is Sign of the Times , Harry Styles. It can be both a cool ballad and a killer ending. Can’t wait to see what Michael and his team do with it. It could be a Game changer. Of course my opinion, lol.
  4. I always stay at the Omni Severan. Great service and 3 block to stadium and in midst of restaurants.
  5. Not sure what happened. I started a Cavaliers 2022 channel and it disappeared
  6. Cavies Music this season is very mixed, new, old, pop, and classical.
  7. Aas an ardent Cavaliers fan, I noticed one thing in all the shows, except Bluecoats,. The minimal and even no props enhanced, the entertainment value of the Drum Corps product for the Audience. Drill and music as the forefront of drum corps and general effect produced by those basic entities became evident and beautiful in there own. Props are ok but not necessary to bring the audience to their feet.
  8. Thank you for your positive encouragement to the Cavies and the dedicated fans.
  9. 1. BD 2. crown 3. Cavaliers 4. Bluecoats 5. SCV 6. Blue Knights 7. BAC 8. Blue Stars 9. Mandarins 10. Crossmen 11. cadets 12. Spirit
  10. 1. Cavies (the only one that got a standing ovation every time)
  11. I already said, slotting placement is not only not representative of reality it is the major reason people don’t trust the judging. I hear it all the time. Especially in the stands.
  12. And I realize the corps approved the method. that makes it even worse, in my humble opinion.
  13. I give up on DCI scoring method. It is just plain unjust. Slotting only hurts those under the top two or three. It is a farce. Give them the scores you have on the scoring cards and be happy with what you did as a scorer. Rediculous.
  14. Cavies are going to take 3rd place . I can feel it happening. Their score in Chester was 92.7 which did not get posted because the event was cancelled after they performed. But is puts them and Boston ties. They are very much within striking distance of Crown and SCV. This is the year they can do it!
  15. 2018 arranging is brilliant. And The choice of Road to Perdition for the ballad and voice overs is the best on the field this year.
  16. i think to make everything equal, they should all be required to perform a certain number of times. And they all should be required to perform the same number of times. Take money out of it and make all things equal.
  17. They jumped one, now they are on the tail of another. .And it is even possible they could jump even a third for a medal. Go Cavies. I can feel a history making event about to happen in DCI.
  18. I invite all to see who really is in the top 4 brass. It is not BD, BCoats, SCV and Crown every night.
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